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29 June 2024

Division 3: Sprig + Fern Tahuna 3rd XI Division 4:

Women's Premiership: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Breakers Masters Football: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Masters


1st XI 2-3 Suburbs SPL Reserves

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Darty, Matt.

Match MVP: Matt Jepo

What a day for footy Sunday was! Slight sea breeze, the sun was out and the freshly mowed TFC carpet meant the boys were fully up for the task at hand. News of Southern League regulars dropping down to get some game time against the lads fueled the excitement even more, the home side determined to make up for the 5-2 loss earlier in the season against the visitors. After talking tactics in the sheds the boys got out to warm up and hit the pitch.

The game started fairly evenly, maybe Suburbs just having the majority of the ball. Their attacker was put through on goal (many from the sidelines thought it was offside) and finished cooly to put the visitors up. Not long after though, the boys in blue struck back! A Jepo free kick was spilled by the visiting keeper, and tapped home by Danny Hampton, a great poachers finish, 1-1. The visitors got their one goal advantage back, scoring just before the break with a decent finish into the bottom corner.

Some positive chats were thrown around the sheds at halftime, we'd done very well to keep Suburbs to minimal chances considering their pace and footballing ability.

The second half started well for the lads, and on came some fresh legs to see how they could impact the game. Danny Hampton and Cam made way for Seth and Lionel. Soon we found ourselves 3-1 down after a shanked pass from their right winger somehow landed at the chest of their attacker in the box, who put the ball into the roof of the net. Earlier on in the season, the boys might've thought that was game over, but after last weeks 3 goals in 10 minutes we knew there were points for the taking. Penalty shouts after Lionel was kicked across the chest were waved away by the ref, possibly because Lionel stayed on his feet and tried to keep playing. We clawed one back through another Jepo free kick, this time the centre back smacking the ball into the bottom right corner, nothing the keeper could do and it was game on again! This turned the game on it's head, Suburbs started panicking with the ball and TFC started gaining momentum. An IT volley from the edge of the box whistled just past the top left corner, an unlucky effort which would've capped off a great game for the holding midfielder. However the ref had seen enough, and blew for full time, a somewhat undeserved victory for the title chasing Suburbs, the lads felt a draw would've been a fair result.

Great efforts all across the park today, no one backed down and put in mammoth efforts, but MOTM goes to Coach Jepo, for a Champions League Varane like performance at the back, also grabbing a goal and assist to go with it.

Huge shout out to some new faces in the team this week due to injuries, Dan, Lionel and Till from Seconds, and Sobi from Thirds all stepping up and not looking out of place one bit! Cheers lads and well done! Match report by Joe-berto Carlos


2nd XI 3-4 Suburbs FC Colts

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Harry, Raymund, Joe

Match MVP: Lionel

Tahuna Football Club's 2nd XI fell to a narrow 4-3 defeat against Nelson Suburbs Colts in an action-packed match that swung back and forth throughout.

The game began with Tahuna absorbing early pressure, defending well as Colts knocked the ball around confidently. The Colts' centreback was particularly effective, distributing long balls accurately to his wingers and strikers. Both teams had a few attempts on goal, but nothing particularly troubling for either keeper.

The deadlock was broken when a mistake at the back cost Tahuna dearly. Will got a bit too cozy with the ball following a back pass, treating it like a long-lost friend at a high school reunion. His delayed clearance was blocked, and Colts pounced to go 1-0 up. This remained the score at halftime.

After the break, Tahuna found their rhythm, playing with more composure and building pressure. Their efforts paid off when Harry, channeling his inner salmon, leapt highest to head home his first goal for the club, leveling the score at 1-1. However, Colts quickly responded. Their number 19, who was outstanding throughout, dribbled past several challenges before rounding the keeper and finishing to make it 2-1.

Not to be outdone, Dan whipped in a cross so delicious it could've been served at a five-star restaurant, allowing Raymond to nod home the equalizer. But Colts weren't done. A soft free-kick near the corner of the box was swung into the danger area and proceeded to be missed by everyone, including Will in nets, as it continued through past heads and bodies and into the goal at the far post, putting Colts ahead 3-2.

In a moment of brilliance, Joe decided to unleash his inner Roberto Carlos, scoring an incredible long-range goal from almost halfway to bring Tahuna level once more. Alas, it wasn't to be. Colts' number 19 sealed the win with another impressive solo effort in the final minutes, although Will would feel he should have done a lot better with the final shot.

Despite relentless pressure in the closing stages, Tahuna couldn't find another equalizer. It was a disappointing loss, with a couple of avoidable goals proving costly.

Lionel was named Man of the Match for his commanding midfield performance, showcasing great skill and composure on the ball. Raymond also deserves mention for his goal and tireless running.

The team now looks ahead to next weekend's game, which will be the final appearance for Lionel and Til in Tahuna colours. Despite this setback, the squad remains determined to bounce back and send off their departing teammates with a victory. Match report by Will.


3rd XI 4-3 Suburbs FC Rovers

Location: Ngawhatu Recreation

Goals: Diego, Luca, Binh, Sayha

Match MVP: Sayha Tahuna 3rds were dealing with a 4 game losing streak coming into this titanic clash against a high flying Rovers team and boy did it produce a hell of game!

Tahuna started incredibly brightly in the new black and blue away kit somewhat reminiscent of Europa League champions Atalanta. Some brilliant passing from the very beginning saw Sobi unleash Stu down the right flank and earning a corner within the first 2 mins. The corner was dealt with relative ease by Rovers but only out as far Casemiro who unleashed a shot over the bar. 

Rovers just could not seem to get going as Tahuna shut them down at every turn and dominated in the middle of the park with the diamond of Ralph, Sobi, Casemiro and Blessings working incredibly well. Tahuna were up for it and showed that again when Sobi unleashed a rocket with his left foot only to be denied by an outstretched Rovers keeper! Tahuna camped in the Rovers half for the majority of the half, unleashing breaks and shots at their pleasure and rattling the Rovers defence.Then against the run of play Rovers found themselves with a chance and duly put it away to go 1-0 up. Not to be deterred Tahuna went straight back at them and showing again their never say die attitude!

 Midway through the half saw Blessings and Stu make way for Binh and Michele respectively with the latter playing his last game for Tahuna. Tahuna again were unlucky when Diego unleashed a shot but the Rovers keeper again made an expert save to deny the brazilian.

The referee blew for half time with Rovers holding onto their slender lead. All Tahuna in the first half mind you.....

A rousing teamtalk at half time from Stu saw Luca into LCM and Han come into the CDM role with Casemiro dropping to LB at the expense of Josh and Ralph. Straight from the off and Tahuna again went back at Rovers with everything they had, dominating possession and making sure all opposing players were marked. Han put in an incredible tackle that ended up falling to Michele who breezed past the Rovers LB and stuck a cross into the box. It was dealt with by the Rovers defence but could only put it as far as Sayha, who instead of shooting flicked a pass to Diego who let fly with his right foot straight into the keepers bottom right!!!!

GAME ON! Rovers 1 Tahuna 1!!!!

Rovers not to be denied started to show why they are top of the league and some neat passage of play 5 mins from the restart saw them break and nestle the ball in Tom Dunn's bottom left corner.

Rovers 2 Tahuna 1

Tahuna then made some changes from the bench that saw Sobi give way to Dong into the RCM role. Straight from the kick off Tahuna went straight at Rovers again with Michele again causing mayhem down the right flank. All Tahuna again and Rovers definitely starting to tire. Then a moment of sheer brilliance from Luca who found himself in space and took a speculative shot. The ball dipped just in front of the keeper who looked to have saved it only for it to roll through his hands and across the line!!!

Rovers 2 Tahuna 2!!!! The away fans going nuts on the touchline!!!

Straight from the kickoff Rovers tried to feed it through the middle of the park but Han again asserted his dominance in CDM by cutting out passes left right and centre and feeding the ball up to Diego and Sayha who were making life hell for the Rovers defence! Then a moment of sheer brilliance as Dong fed the ball through to Diego who passed to Sayha, Sayha seeing the run of Binh 25 yards out from goal passed to the little man who took a touch looked up and let fly with an absolute bazooka into the keepers top right corner of the net!!!!

Tahuna 3 Rover 2 and the crowd went absolutely insane!!! The keeper was rooted to the spot from the shot from Binh. Tahuna absolutely cooking now!!!

Some more changes from the Tahuna bench saw Dong come off for Blessings and Binh drop to RCM with Blessings back into CAM. Rovers then obviously rattled started to play a little dirty trying to swipe the boys out and putting in some naughty challenges. Tahuna took it in their stride and showed class and composure to not go down to the Rovers level. 

Then came the moment....

Blessings squeezed the ball through to Sayha who beat the offside trap and absolutely mugged the keeper off by chipping it over him and casually heading it into an empty net!!!!

Rovers 2 Tahuna 4!!!!!!

A last set of changes made from the bench for Tahuna now as Josh came on for Michele and Sobi came on for Binh. Tahuna wanted to see the game out and began defending incredibly, However... Not to be deterred Rovers floated a ball in from the right over the Tahuna defence and the Rovers LW dispatched a beautiful shot on the volley across goal to nestle it in Tom's bottom left corner. A very impressive goal that even the Tahuna boys found themselves applauding.

Rovers again tried to get the equaliser that they craved but it was to no avail as the ref blew for full time.

A 7 goal thriller that Tahuna will definitely cherish as they were by far the better team today. No cards awarded to either team such was the class showed from each other.

Tahuna now move onto the next one and face a tough test against Richmond Thistle  at Jubilee Park. It seems everything has finally clicked for the 3rds as they were just phenomenal today.

A big shout out to Luca Bianchi and Michele Delgado for their contributions this season as this was their last game for both of them. 

Match report by Stu Mountain.


Tahuna 4th XI 1-1 Richmond FC Stags

Location: Tahunanui S2

Goals: Keris

Match MVP: Ryan

A much more even affair than our last encounter with the Stags. Both teams had good periods of play and opportunities on goal.

Once again reinforcements from our masters team helped to give our lads some rest. Big thanks to Ben, Glenn and Peter for showing up to help.

Running on a high from his clean sheet last week, Zach pulled off a number of excellent saves to keep the game level at half time, much to the Stags frustration.

Early in the second half a high ball into the Stags's box was fumbled by their stand-in keeper and pounced upon by keris who dribbled the ball around the keeper and scored. 1-0 Tahuna. This only upped the intesity of the game as the stags came at us hard for an equaliser.

Some outstanding defence followed with Adam making a goal-line clearance, Brad making numerous tackles to shut down the opposition strikers and Zach saving a set piece shot with the tips of his fingers.

Against the run of play Keris managed to break through for an opportunity to bag himself a brace but unfortunately his shot went straight to their keeper. It was then the Stag's turn to counter and some quick passing resulted in them equalizing the game with 5 minutes to go.

Both teams defences held up in the last 5 minutes and the game ended in a draw. So close to earning an unexpected 3 points of off 2nd on the table but holding them to a draw is still a fantastic result.

MOTM went to Ryan for his continuos presence and running throughout the whole game.

Match report by Zach.


TFC Breakers - Game rescheduled



Match MVP:


TFC Masters 1-3 Wakefield FC Masters

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: OG

Match MVP:

We started off bright.....we created chances but couldn't put them away. Then 20 mins in I think they scored an own goal for us.

We played a bit of good football to create the chances but it wasn't our strikers day...... The reffin....sorry I promised not to say anything. It was a gritty physical battle and they were mostly bigger than us.

There were a lot of dirty tackles going in and not many free kicks being awarded. This kinda gave license to more dirty tackles.

I think we worked hard, but because of the lack of goals.......well you don't win without scoring. They put 3 past us in the second half and that was that. Match Report by Cole.


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