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27 April 2024

Division 3: Sprig + Fern Tahuna 3rd XI Division 4:

Women's Premiership: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Breakers Masters Football: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Masters


1st XI Postponed



Match MVP: Match Report by


2nd XI 1-2 Locomotive

Location: Tahunanui S1


Match MVP: Lionel Bollier

Match report to come.


3rd XI 1-1 Steamers

Location: Neale Park

Goals: Sayha Mens

Match MVP: Tahuna start with the kick off and immediately try flicking the ball onto Luca Bianchi who is playing as part of a front 2 this week. He breaks and looks to take the shot, he lets fly and the keeper makes the save. Loco's keeper kicks high up the pitch but the ball is headed away by big Kez Peters at the back. Dong picks up the loose ball and looks for the run of Blessings but the Loco backline step forward as Blessings is caught offside. Loco take the kick but the header is won by Casemiro who is partnering Kez in the centre of defense today. Casemiro gets the ball to Bernie Murillo who's at RB and Bernie passes to Sobi who tries a neat pass through to Diego Catto at CAM, Diego passes to Luca who tries another shot which is saved by the keeper but out for a Tahuna corner.

The corner is sent in by Diego, Kez Peters gets a head to it but the ball is kicked out by the Loco's defence, the ball falls to Dong on the edge of the box who lets the ball bounce and then lets fly with a wicked shot, its going in....... Just whisks past the keeper's top left of the bar, everyone thought that was going in.

Tahuna keep the pressure on Loco streamers for the majority of the first half but the Loco's backline use their experience to their advantage and keep utilizing the offside trap against the Tahuna front 2. Sobi gets taken out by the Loco midfield and they try riling Sobi up. The Loco boys try to get in Sobi's face but big Kez Peters walks over and immediately the Loco boys step down after realising the towering dutchman is more than just a pretty face.

During the commotion Bernie ends up with a yellow card for decent towards the referee. Loco keep trying to rile up the Tahuna boys after realising they can't beat them by normal means. Tahuna get a break and Luca who is miles on side is blown up for offside. Stu Mountain who is on the sideline explodes and makes his thoughts felt, Loco's sideline immediately start abusing Stu who in turn gives it back 10 fold shutting the loco sideline down.

Loco Steamers manage to get into the Tahuna half after being camped in their half for the majority of the game so far. Han makes a tackle on the edge of the box but the referee deems it a foul. Loco Steamers set up for the free kick. The kick is taken, the ball glances off Bernie's head in the wall and sends Tom Dunn the wrong way, Tom manages to still get a hand to it but it hits the underside of the bar and goes over the line. 40mins in Loco Steamers 1 Tahuna 3rds 0. Tahuna come back again and this time Sobi threads a beautiful ball through to Blessings who beats 2 men but instead of shooting he sees Diego unmarked in space on the edge of the box, Diego tries hitting it first time but sends it over the bar!

Half time Loco 1 Tahuna 0

Second half kicks off, Some changes at half time from Tahuna see Luca off for Sayha, Bernie off for Stu, Dong off for Binh. Loco take the restart and they make some good plays forward, they try attacking down the left but straight away the ball is cut out by Mountain at RB who passes straight to Sobi who in turn passes to Diego, Diego threads a neat ball into the path of Sayha who lets fly with a shot. Keeper makes a very good save, straight from the off Tahuna are definitely up for it. Loc try attacking down the right this time but Josh Hindrup cuts it out, he passes to Ralph who has come on for Han, Ralph sees the run of Mountain on the right and makes decent pass into the path of Mountain who looks up and passes to Sobi, Sobi tries to get past his man but the tackle is made but only into the path of Mountain who runs at his man and cuts inside beautifully, loud cheers of "OLE" are head from the sideline. He release the ball back to Ralph who passes to Hindrup. Hindrup flicks inside to Binh, Binh takes a touch and sees Diego, Diego flicks the ball through to Sayha, he looks up, takes a touch and sends it into the keepers bottom left corner. GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL TAHUNA!!!!! 

The team celebrates their first goal of the season and who else but Sayha!!!

Loco Steamers try getting back into it but this Tahuna team is going balls to the wall for the winner. Loco make a couple of substitutions but it doesn't matter the back 4 of Mountain, Casemiro, Kez and Hindrup are not letting anything past them now and dominate at the back. Tahuna break again and Diego makes a run into the penalty area, he goes down!!! massive shout for a penalty but the referee says play on. Stone cold penalty that, VAR would have overturned that decision if this game was at Old Trafford...

Loco get the ball on the halfway line, the striker turns but is instantly cleared out by Mountain, referee says play on even after shouts from the Loco bench for a free kick. Tahuna again break after some neat passing in the midfield, the ball finds its way to Blessings who looks up and shoots........ SAVED BY THE KEEPER!!!!

Loco try to slow the game down and realise they cannot get the win. Tahuna keep passing neatly in the midfield and get it up to the strikers but again the Loco defense plays the offside trap perfectly. 10mins to go in the game and Loco can't seem to get past the Tahuna defense. Loco try a long distance shot but Tom Dunn parries away for a corner. The ball is floated in, headed away by Kez Peters but only as far as the edge of the box, Loco let fly but Stu Mountain hammers it away with his right foot up the pitch to Sayha who breaks, Loco are in trouble here, Sayha does one man and passes to Blessings, Blessings lets fly on his right foot across goal but the ball heads just wide of the post.

The referee looks at his watch and calls time. A very good game and a very good showing by this Tahuna 3rds team that are starting to gel very well, alot of positives to take aware and Tahuna now look to get the result away at Motueka this coming weekend

Match report by Stuart Mountain.


Tahuna 4th XI 1-1 Subrubs 4th XI

Location: Tahunanui S2

Goals: OG

Match MVP: Mike Jessop

Another week and another hard match, this time vs a young, fit Suburbs side. Conditions were good apart from quite a strong easterly wind. Surprisingly, the match started on time after a last-minute volunteer was found to ref the game (me) as our assigned one did not make an appearance.

Tahuna won the toss and opted to play into the wind and the game got underway. Both teams played very well when in possession, but a combination of strong wind and our opposition kept us mostly in our own half. Missing a few of our usual starters meant the team took a bit of time getting used to the new line-up but held where they needed to. About 20 minutes in a great save from Stiven unfortunately resulted in him dislocating a finger, which forced an unplanned change with Jack going in goal and Matt coming on into CB. Unphased, we carried on, pushing into our opponent's half, and getting a few shots off but their keeper was not troubled by them. Both teams once again saw good periods of possession, but neither were able to break the deadlock before the whistle went for half time. A formation change in the second half had us focusing more on playing through the middle of the field, sacrificing a defender for a midfielder. The early return of Brad from holiday helped boost the strength of the defense with ‘Mr. extendo-legs' showing off his usual defensive prowess. The extra man in midfield had our attacking plays putting suburbs under a lot more pressure than in the first half, forcing several corners and throw in’s deep in enemy territory. After a period, a quick change in possession had Suburbs make a quick break and put a through ball to their striker putting him one on one with our keeper and unfortunately managed to slip it past Jack to take the lead with 20 minutes to go. Determined not to let the game finish as a loss we once more piled the pressure on and with 10 to go we got our equalizer through a deflected shot from Jair which sent the ball top bins and out of reach of their keeper. With our confidence restored and seeing the fatigue showing in our opponents, we pushed for a winner but despite winning a few more corners the game ended in a draw. Another impressive effort against a team of their youth and fitness. Once again, a big thanks to the players from the 3rds that helped us out while we have people away/injured. Also, a big thanks to Kyle for taking the reins for me since I ended refereeing. MOTM honors went to Mike for playing an excellent game in midfield.


Match report by Zach Wistrand.


TFC Breakers 4-0 Mapua Cougars

Location: Tahunanui S2

Goals: Ruby Cunningham x4

Match MVP: Marijke Ransom

Another stunning day at the Tahuna fields this weekend saw our Tahuna Breakers taking on the Mapua Cougars at our home field. With a starting team of 14 bought down to 12 from illness & injuries our ladies went on not knowing what would happen between these two teams. When the starting whistle blew our Breakers didn’t hold back and started off strong with Bailey and Jenna attacking hard down the right side of the field! After many attempts on goal stopped by the Cougars keeper a late tackle from a Mapua defender in the goal box saw us with the opportunity of a penalty. Our striker Ruby stepped up to take it and placed it bottom left of the net. 1 goal up we kept up the momentum attacking the goal hard with stunning plays from Sophie, Ruth, Emily & Miho dominating the left side of the field with the support of striker Rebecca following up every shot and flustering the keeper! An unfortunate handball from Mapua saw us with another opportunity of a free kick just outside the 18 yard box. Once again Ruby stepping up to take it, a good choice as she tapped it straight over the wall and slotted it between the keeper and the crossbar. 2-0 up, Mapua stayed strong playing the ball between their skilled midfielders and having some breakaway runs but our defensive line were stronger and held their ground thwarting Mapua attacks. Second half saw our Breakers keeping up the momentum just like the first half continuously attacking the goal with break aways runs from Arin and Emily on the right wing. A perfectly placed through ball from Rebecca to Ruby saw Ruby one on one with keeper, she tapped it past her into the back of the net. 3-0. Mapua came back strong attacking our back line hard. A yellow card meant nothing to Breakers defender Marijke as she kept up her strength and determination to hold off Mapuas attacks! An amazing display of skill and ball work from midfielder Sophie saw a beautiful layoff to Ruby who then scored her 4th and final goal of the game. 4-0 was the end score and what an awesome feeling for our Breakers! Like coach Cris said MVP could’ve easily gone to someone like Ruby for her 4 goals but that’s an achievement in itself. The real star of the game was our defensive line, Claire, Aimee, Hazel, Marijke & keeper Hannah. With Marijke named as MVP for her strength and determination to keep the ball away from the goal! Match report by Ruby Cunningham.


TFC Masters 1-1 Suburbs Masters

Location: Saxtons field

Goals: Glenn O'Callahan

Match MVP: Glenn O'Callahan

Another great game, we brought it to them from the kickoff creating a chance in the first minute of the game. We had it over them in the first 15/20 and created lots of chances but couldn't put one away. We played a good tight passing game and looked good. We went off the boil a bit in the last 20 minutes but despite that still created chances. I got a pretty good shot off that was going top corner but their keeper pulled off an equally good save and tipped it over the bar. They didn't really create anything dangerous apart from a shot from a corner that Glen cleared off the line. We should have been 2 or 3 up, but the half finished 0-0. We started the second half more or less how we finished the first, passing the ball well and moving it around the pitch. Then Their best player Nathan picked it up in the midfield and went on a run, he got round a few of us and got his shot off to put them 1-0 up. A bit against the run of play.....but that's football. We weren't phazed and carried on playing our game never doubting we'd score. Then from nowhere Glenn tackled the ball from one of their guys, danced round another and smashed it low n hard beating their keeper on the near post to make it 1-1. We kept rampin up the pressure but couldn't score. I scrambled after a lose ball in their box and was pullin the trigger when their guy kicked my shooting foot and took me out....defo a penalty but unfortunately the ref didn't see it so it finished 1-1. A great effort from everyone, we are definitely getting better as a team and putting the training into the game. despite the draw everyone is having fun out there. We had no injuries and everyone seemed to have enough gas to do their job. Match report by Colin Chapman.


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