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24 June 2023


1st XI 10-0 Richmond 1st XI

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Jake Paige (5), Mackenzie Manaton (4), Josh Johnston (1)

Match MVP: Jake & Macca

Quick!!! Text ya mum, email ya Gran, fax your uncle and somebody please call Pep! The Tahuna 1st div boys have had an absolute finger licker!! Tahuna 1st 10-0 Richmond 1st.

For the second time this season Tahuna faced off against Richmond’s best. The first round game had ended in a goalless draw and neither team were wanting the same result this time around.

The game begun at high pace and Richmond piled on the pressured, running through our backline and attacking with both forwards, Richmond kept the game mostly squeezed into our half for the first 10 minutes. After defending a few in swinging Richmond corners the game opened and we found our own rhythm.

Tahuna started to play smart passes and put the ball in positive spaces this turned into our first goal of the day thanks to Jake the inform snake. Our 2nd goal came 2 minutes later after some more controlled Tahuna play and Macca slapped one in Richmond goal. At the 34th minute mark Jake smacked in our 3rd goal of the game bringing with it the biggest lead we have had all season.

Before the half Jake was taken down by the last Richmond defender who was given his marching orders by the man in charge. Down to 10 men Richmond fell to another class finish from Macca to round out the half. Tahuna 4 -0 Richmond.

The Tahuna sheds were full of happy faces and big grins, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar halftime winning position.

Into the second half we continued to dominate the game as the brilliance of Maccas finishes completed his hattrick at the 50th minute and added a 4th not long after. A continue of smart football and clever play from the whole of the Tahuna squad saw Josh spin one round and net the ball bottom corner.

More attacking play from Tahuna ended in a penalty and to round out his hattrick Jake banged it into the back netting.

Thanks to more team brilliance and a lovely gesture from Will Jake got his 4th and 5th goal to end the game at 10-0. (Sorry lads I don’t know how all the goals happened to many to remember)

Although the goalscorers look like the heros on paper the whole team played a massive role in the outcome. Middle 3 were awesome, wingers amazing, Jake fantastic and the back 5 including keeper kept a clean sheet. UPUP TAHUNA!!!! What a performance! Cheers to all the supporters on the side line, The Sprig and Fern Tahuna Pints tasted a little bit sweeter after this one.

RICHMOND, We must commend you on your efforts, you continued to attack with pride and fell just short on multiple occasions. Going a man down and conceding you continued to play on rather than implode on each other. Having been on the receiving end of games like this we must praise you on your pride for your club. See you in few weeks for the cup clash.

Match report by Seth.


2nd XI 1-9 Nelson Suburbs FC Academy

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Daz

Match MVP: Ed Johnson

The 2nds once again struggled for players, with a large number of players out injured, playing injured or coming back from injury. Welcome to Harry and thanks to Sobi for stepping up and playing this weekend.

The game started fairly evenly, with Tahuna generally on top. Failing to convert a number of chances, including one glorious one, came back to haunt Tahuna pretty quickly, with a defensive error allowing Suburbs to open the scoring. Shortly after, another careless pass on the edge of our own box allowed them in for number two. Soon after, it was 3-0, however this time was a well worked goal by the youngsters.

It remained 3-0 until the break, with Tahuna a bit gobsmacked to be behind in a fairly evenly matched game.

The second half, however, was a different story. Nothing seemed to go right for Tahuna. Loose passes, missed clearances, overhit crosses and wayward shooting. On the flip side, everything seemed to go right for Suburbs, with a number of goals plundered in quick succession. Through balls to their wingers and drilled crosses into their onrushing strikers which were hit first time into the corners, pretty much everything aligning for them. 3 unanswered goals left Tahuna 6 down before Daz got one back.

Tired legs were really noticeable now, with Suburbs' youngsters finding loads of space across the field. 3 goals in the last 10 minutes, including one as the final whistle blew, wrapped up another miserable day for the 2nds.

Final score 9-1. We made them look very good, but old age and injuries make it hard to keep up nowadays. Next up is Chin United, hopefully we might have some fresh legs by then!

Match Report by Will.


3rd XI 3-0 Tahuna 4th XI

Location: Wakefield Domain

Goals: OG (1), Sayha (1), Patti (1)

Match MVP:

What a game, if they had an out and out striker they might have gone ahead in the first half. They had us under the pump for most of the first half. They matched us in aggression and I suppose wanted it more. But our resilience and patience was stronger. We had a few breaks by both strikers that should have hit the back of the net but not to be... if you have an open goal in front of you put it away. Eventually we went ahead 5 mins before half time. Pedro put another low corner in and it got through, Sayha got a flick off his heel and Cameron put it in the back of his own net. That destroyed them, they fell over and never really got back up. The tide turned in the second half and it was mostly us putting the pressure on. Eventually Sayha got through and made it 2-0. More pressure and with about 10 mins to go Sayha squared the ball to Patti in acres of space and he smashed it into their net......3-0 game over.

A great display of patience and believing in yourselves. You hung in there when times were tough and delivered the killer blows.

Great job out there, we worked hard and we got the 3 points. I've been saying we were 6 points above the rest apparently it's 4 points above Rovers. Anyway 1 game at a time.....and our next game is at home to FC 3rds.

Match Report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI 0-3 Tahuna 3rd XI

Location: Tahuna


Match MVP:

Match report to follow.


TFC Breakers 0-10 FC Nelson Diamonds

Location: Botanics


Match MVP: Arin Phelan

Be proud of our efforts today, Breakers, and hold those heads high. The reason this is the best team to play for is (as Sophie said earlier), we have an awesome positive attitude and we keep battling ‘til the end - never giving up. And that first half was just incredible. Vs one of the top teams in the league, we knew this was going to be a battle. Not to mention, half our back line was away and illness and injuries were mounting. Yet the Breakers had the Diamonds very very worried when 25mins in, the score was still nil-all, as the Breakers held off the opposition time and again. We also had their defence scrambling with several attack moves of our own and some beautiful passes coming together. Goalie, Arin, honed her own incredible moves, with one lovely save tapping the ball just above the bar and many others safely snatched up out of the Diamonds reach.

A well placed top corner ball eventually made it past our goalie during a corner. While a second slid through along the ground soon after. But we held on and came to half time only 2-nil down, which I personally consider a huge success.

Spirits were high going into the second half, but unfortunately we just could not keep up the pace. The Diamonds came back with determination and, despite our best efforts, put away several goals (to put it lightly). Two of these were deflections off our own back line in a desperate ironic attempt to prevent said goal. Even amidst this onslaught, there were still moments where we challenged the opposition, including a few (legitimate) shots of our own. We all continued to the very last second with a positive attitude. So proud of us all!

Arin, our goalie, was awarded player of the day for the many many goals she saved, incredible hand-eye coordination and inspiring dedication, literally throwing herself into her role. Regardless of the result, this was a great - though hard - game. Good to see we can take on the top teams and still give them something to worry about.

Match report by Michelle Ballinger.


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