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22 July 2023


1st XI 2-1 FC Nelson Locomotive

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Josh (1), Mackenzie (1)

Match MVP: Josh Johnston

Loco turned up to get first points on their season tally against a recovering and less than complete Tahuna. A crisp winters day, and the ground firm and bumpy the adjusted Tahuna firsts entered the game with determination to keep the ball and make it do the work.

Both teams had their share of good build up and opportunities on goal with Tahuna appearing to have the upper hand early in the piece, until a stray pass near the home side goal turned into clearance pinball that centre forward Greg Chitty pounced on to send it into the net for Loco. Full of excitement to be one nil up getting very close to half time the steaming locomotive was on track to upset the boys in blue. Out of nowhere, Tahuna hit a fine shot from the edge of the box settling beautifully into the top left, shirts were off and dancing proceeded. Into the sheds for a battle plan at 1 a piece.

The plan stayed the same, work hard and keep the ball with good early passes. Tahuna settled into the second half with the wind behind them and the dimming sunlight in their favour. The dominance in locos half was constant and the Tahuna loyals stayed together working hard at the plan. After not a couple of chances on goal, the final blow to Loco came through a series of good passes, ending with El Capitan Josh Johnston , turning on a dime and slotting the ball out of the keepers reach to the left. The game was far from over and the blue army knew loco wanted at least an equaliser and fought hard to make the breakthrough but the solid bench and defence wasn’t to let that happen on this chilly Saturday. A few more opportunities for both teams, predominantly Tahuna saw the curtain closing on a well fought encounter for both teams at 2-1 to the Blues.

Match report by Dan.


2nd XI 0-1 FC Nelson Loco Steamers

Location: Tahuna


Match MVP: Will Murphy

Last Saturday, the Tahuna 2nd XI faced off against the Loco Steamers at Tahuna, and as expected, it was a closely fought encounter between the two teams.

The match began positively for Tahuna, with the players displaying good ball movement and control. However, Loco Steamers demonstrated their dangerous potential by creating several chances for themselves throughout the first half.

One such opportunity saw Loco's striker break through Tahuna's defence and go one on one with the goalkeeper, Will, who made an excellent save with his feet to deny the goal. Soon after, Loco was awarded a somewhat controversial penalty when their striker went down under minimal pressure after he had overrun the ball. Keeper Will, however, guessed correctly and dived low to his left, keeping the penalty out and preserving the scoreline.

Tahuna tried their luck with some long-range efforts, but they couldn't find the target. Eventually, Loco broke the deadlock, as one of their players managed to elude two defenders and fired the ball into the net. Loco had a further chance to extend their lead when a long clearance played their strikers in behind the defense, but the attempted lob ended up on the roof of the net.

The halftime score stood at 1-0 in favor of Loco Steamers. Despite Loco having the better chances, Tahuna had put up a good performance, and they acknowledged the need to improve their efficiency in the final third.

In the second half, Tahuna continued to play attractive football, creating some promising chances. Gus and Mark both had opportunities to level the score, with Mark's having the best chance but firing directly at the keeper. The match was not without its share of controversies, with Joe finding himself questioning the referees credentials and earning himself a 10-minute sin bin midway through the half.

Loco Steamers piled on the pressure during Joe's absence, forcing Will into making two crucial saves when it seemed certain they would score. Both teams played some great football throughout the game, and Tahuna upped the intensity in the final 10 or 15 minutes to find an equalizer, but it eluded them.

The final whistle blew with the scoreline reading 1-0 in favor of Loco Steamers. While it was a good performance from Tahuna overall, missed opportunities and occasional lapses in concentration proved costly once again. However, some players stood out with fantastic performances, particularly Harry at right back and new recruit Mark on the wing.

Tahuna's next challenge is an away fixture against Wakefield, and they'll be eager to learn from their mistakes in this match and come back stronger to secure a positive result.

Match report by Will.


3rd XI 1-1 Richmond Bogans

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Luke (1) Match MVP: Stephen McCartan

Another tough game, I'm pleased with the way we played but hard to win with officials against us.

But now we pick ourselves up brush it off and get ready for them again at our next game at their place in 2 weeks.

They only really created 2 chances, one pinged of the post and the other they scored. The first half was a bit 50/50 but we definitely had them in the second half.

Solid performances throughout the field, I liked the way you self subbed too (my mind was on the game so I wasn't thinking about subs).

So we went 1-0 up in the first and were looking good. Luke smashed it home from 3 or 4 yards out.

Our passing was a little bit hoofy but better safe than sorry. The backline and me had enough pace to clean up through balls, we were getting to our goal kicks and punts most of the time. Like I said a tough physical game and you gave as good as you got without losing your shit, great job.

The second half got better, we got on top of them and owned most of the half. But they managed to get a break and I was a bit in 2 minds whether to stay or go......should have stayed as Rhys and Kyle were both coming in to clean it up. 1-1, but as ever you shrugged that off and got on with it.

We kept pressuring them and getting behind their backline only to be given offside. The pressure eventualy paid off when we got a penalty (dunno what for). Pedro put the first away but the lino said someone was encroaching in the box. The keeper saved the second attempt. We didn't realy make another chance and it finished 1-1.

Other interesting moments were dropping Rhys with a clearance.....I proper connected with the ball and the ball proper connected with his balls which shot up to his neck. But what a tank, he made noises like Mini Mouse for a minute or 2 and got up and carried on.

Player of the day - Steve, because his attitude is spot on , he's a team guy, didn't play any minutes, ran the flag didn't complain once. If one of our backline broke he would have been in like a flash.

Match report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI 0-3 Richmond Stags

Location: Jubilee


Match MVP: Zachary Troy

Not our best game day and the score reflects that. With injuries mounting and players away we showed up to Jubilee Park with 1 sub to try give the Stags a run for their money.

The game was a mostly even affair in the first half and only our defensive laspes letting us down. Firstly when we let them have a free header from a corner which was knocked into the back of the net with ease. And secondly when a Stags striker won the ball from our defence, setting him up for a one on one with Zach. Zach blocked the initial attempt but the rebounding ball landed at the oppositions feet who easily put the ball away to double the lead.

Second half we struggled to put three consecutive passes together, giving the Stags the majority of possession. However our defence was solid and managed to cut out most chances with our opposition only adding one more goal to their tally.

Definitely one to learn from & leave in the past. MOTM honours went to Zach for a solid game in goal and ensuring that the game didn't end up being 10 nil.

Match report by Dan.


TFC Breakers 0-7 Richmond Foxes

Location: Jubilee


Match MVP:

Bit of a special game for a few of the Tahuna girls being that the mother daughter duo went up against the third stanbridge playing the Richmond Hot House Foxes. But what a game we came out gunning in the first half shutting down the Foxes left right and centre! Was definitely a tough game but I couldn’t be prouder of us. Ignoring the three stanbridge girls putting each other on the ground every chance they got, we played a beautiful game of footy channeling our inner ferns after our victory on Thursday. Only 3 nil down entering the second half the Foxes kicked it up a notch we got them desperate and by crikey were we feeling it but we kept going till the final whistle. I don’t think I have ever ran that much in a game in my life! I couldn’t have asked for a better game against the top team.

Match report by Jenna.


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