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20 April 2024

Division 3: Sprig + Fern Tahuna 3rd XI Division 4:

Women's Premiership: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Breakers Masters Football: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Masters


1st XI 2-3 Golden Bay Mountain Goats

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Cameron Thomas, James Owen

Match MVP: Isaac Taylor Off the back of last week’s strangely positive loss to FC Nelson, the Tahuna lads went into week 2 confident that we could get our season kickstarted with a positive performance and result at home against Golden Bay. Forced into 3 changes to last week's starting side, with Viktor suspended, Heyden ruled out with a knee issue and Danny H away, Pedro, Cam and Captain Seth made their first starts of the year. The game got underway slowly, the hosts a little sluggish in possession unable to string anything together. Golden Bay dogged off the ball and dangerous on it, with pace out wide and tall-timber at set pieces. Neither side really troubling the other.  The scrappy, transitional nature of the opening 20 minutes was broken by a beautiful flowing team move down the TFC right flank, a string of passes leading to a swiveling Pedro sliding the Skipper in for a shot, spilled by the visiting keeper. Cam, on his TFC homecoming, reacted quickest to drill the home side in front.  Tails up, TFC threatened again almost immediately after going ahead, a similar move down the right saw Kieron combine with Seth again, who beat his man only to fire over from the corner of the box.  With the clock ticking down towards half time, Golden Bay started to turn the screw as they sought a way back into the game. A flurry of aerial challenges in the middle of the pitch saw the ball break kindly for the visitor’s right winger. He drove down the pitch, halted by a sliding challenge from Matt covering across. In the process, the ball rolled into his hand having rebounded off of the Golden Bay attackers foot following the tackle. Handball in the referees eyes, and a free kick to the visitors in prime real estate.  Almost ironically, as the ball was swung in to the mix, it was met by a Golden Bay arm, ricocheting off of another Golden Bay body and looping in to the back post. Despite the protests of the home side, the unsighted referee awarded a goal. Similar to last week, the unfortunate nature of the goal rocked the boys, and Golden Bay were able to capitalize again on the stroke of half time. TFC had pushed up, working the ball nicely around the Golden Bay box without penetrating. The away side cleared long, Danny at right back leapt highest to win the first header, the ball bobbling off his markers head, falling kindly to an onrushing attacker. A heavy first touch was pounced on by James, but another fortunate bounce saw the ball cannon off of the Golden Bay man’s shins and through into the box. His shot was expertly saved by Joe, who scrambled to his feet to save again as a second effort came in. The second save low to his left rebounded again off of the attacker and trickled towards the goal line. A mash of bodies raced to beat the ball, ultimately in vein as the TFC net was hit again. A series of unfortunate bounces and rebounds not dealt with, had the boys 2-1 down at the break.  The second half saw an early replacement as Matt, who picked up a knock in a tackle on the stroke of half time and was replaced by Ash, forcing a reshuffle. Kieron moving into the backline. Tahuna opened the half the better of the two sides and had a couple of early shots saved by the GB keeper. A series of corners around the 70 minute mark saw Golden Bay extend their lead. Another scramble in the box saw TFC have 2 or 3 chances to clear the lines without success, before the ball broke kindly to a waiting Golden Bay body on the edge of the area. He made no mistake, rifling a powerful effort high into the roof of the net. At 3-1, the boys could have let their heads drop. Instead a change of shape and the addition of more bodies up field saw the boys press relentlessly for a way back into the game.  Despite huffing and puffing it wasn’t too be, a late consolation following a flick on from James, gave the boys hope in the final few minutes, and a couple of late chances through James were undone by more dogged defense from the visiting side. Joe made a couple of fantastic saves at the death with bodies piled forward in search of an allusive equalizer, keeping the deficit to one.  A disappointing afternoon as the ref blew for full time. The boys now have a week off with a bye in the Chatham Cup 1st Round. Time to regroup and bounce back in a couple weeks time. MVP - Isaac Taylor, a tireless display undeserving of being on the losing side Match Report by Matt.


2nd XI 1-4 Suburbs 3rd XI

Location: Saxton Field S2


Match MVP:

Match report to come.


3rd XI 0-0 Richmond Thistle

Location: Jubilee Park


Match MVP: Josh Winter Kick off: The referee makes the coin toss and Tahuna win electing to kick off playing towards the west of Jubilee S1. The ground is medium to hard underfoot. Tahuna kick off playing in a 4-4-2 with a diamond in midfield. Chi Dong takes the kick alongside Blessings making his first start for the club. The is pasted back to Diego Catto who quickly moves the ball over to Luca Bianchi playing on the left of the midfield diamond. Tahuna work the ball forward as Luca tries to thread the ball through to Dong who is quickly closed down and dispossessed by the Richmond RB. Richmond quickly flick the ball into midfield and make some neat passes but the final pass is cut out by big Kez Peters in centre of defence. The ball quickly is moved up the pitch over to Sobi in the right of the diamond who takes on 2 players and manages to get a pass through to blessings who is dispossessed by the richmond centre back. Again Richmond try to move the ball quickly over the top to their forwards but again they are no match for the dominating figure of Kez who quickly moves the ball out to Josh (Casemiro) Winter at LB. Josh charges forward and flicks the ball to Luca who passes inside to Stu Mountain at CDM, Stu is caught in possession and loses the ball to the richmond CM who passes the ball out to the richmond LM, Josh Hindrup sees the ball coming to the LM and presses up from RB to make a fantastic tackle to send the ball out for a richmond throw.

The back and forth battle continues in midfield between Richmond and Tahuna not giving anything away for about 10mins. Then all of a sudden Tahuna find a break as Chi Dong pushes out left to receive a ball from Luca who Dong duly passes back to, Luca flicks the ball to Stu who sees the run of Sobi and makes a through pass to Sobi, Sobi sees the run of Diego and flicks a sumptuous ball to Diego who finds himself 1 on 1 with the keeper, Diego dispatches a low shot to the keepers left, its going in.........

Keeper manages to get the slightest of hands to it and send the ball out for a corner, Tahuna are starting to cook now. CB's come up ready for the corner, Diego whips one in, Kez makes a massive leap and connects with the ball, only for it to bounce down at the keeper, the richmond keeper scuffs the save but manages to parry it out towards Luca on the outside of the box, he takes a touch and whips the ball back in, Sobi leaps but only slightly connects sending it out for a goal kick on the keepers left side.

Richmond then make a break through midfield but the CM is stopped in his tracks by a fantastic tackle by Mountain who quickly releases the ball to Casemiro who again finds Luca in space who passes onto Dong who is easily muscled off the ball by the Richmond RB. Richmond again try to break down the left but the ball is quickly cut out by Sobi who sends the ball forward to Blessings, Blessings takes the ball out to the keepers left and floats a cross in, its headed away by Richmond but only as far away as Luca who hits it first time sending it skywards over the bar. 

Tahuna make a change midway through the first half taking off Blessings and Dong and replacing with Sayha and Aurelian. Straight away that change is felt as Sayha breaks through and shoots after a pass from Mountain, keeper again makes a fantastic save sending the ball out for another corner. Diego floats another beaut of a ball in straight into Kez who heads it straight at the keeper. The keeper release it to the richmond RB who passes it to the CM who inturn makes a pass to the RM. The RM starts breaking down the wing but is taken out by a massive slide tackle by Mountain. Mountain stays down after jarring his knee in the challenge and takes himself off. Substitution made Mountain off and Ralph on. Ralph moves into LB pushing Casemiro into CDM. Straight away that change is felt as Casemiro challenges in midfield and quickly release to Sobi who sees the run of Hindrup who cuts back in and release Sayha, unfortunately Sayha runs out of pitch and the balls goes out for a goal kick. Rhys Black decides to make another change bringing Luca off for Han. Han slots into the LCM spot in his place. A few more chances are had for Richmond but Tommy Dunn quickly clears them up. 

Half time: 0-0

Start of the second half:

Richmond start with the kick off and move it back to their backline passing it rather well. They try to break down the Tahuna defense but the back 4 are having none of it today and quickly cut out the Richmond attack. Kez flicks the ball to Ralph who passes to Han who moves the ball back to Casemiro (He is in fine form today) he quickly sees the move from Sobi and duly gives it to the Iranian nightmare. Sobi does 1, 2, 3 Richmond players and lays the ball off to Sayha whos shot is blocked by the richmond keeper. Richmond break and manage to get the ball to their LS who runs past Hindrup and takes a shot, easily stopped by Tom Dunn who holds the ball. Tom releases a massive kick that lands right on the halfway line, it's picked up by the Richmond CM but before he can release a pass Casemiro dispossesses him and releases Diego who takes a touch and shoots on the edge of the box, again the Richmond keeper makes an incredible save! 

Casemiro looks tired and asks Rhys for a break, Rhys puts on Mountain back into the CDM role. The diamond is looking alot better in the midfield for Tahuna in this 2nd half. Richmond keeper takes the GK and only get as far as Mountain's head who gets the ball to Han. Han is dispossessed midway into the Richmond half and Richmond get the ball over to the RM who tries running at Ralph, Ralph makes a decent tackle and the ball goes out for a throw in. Richmond start up again trying to work the ball around to find an opening but again their attempts are in vain to get the ball over the Tahuna defence as the 6'5 Dutch beast Kez Peters again heads the ball away from danger. The ball is picked up by Mountain who turns and begins a run through the heart of the midfield looking up he sees Aurelian's run and chips the ball over to him, Aurelian turns the Richmond CB and releases a venomous shot only to be parried away again by the Richmond keeper, the ball stays in play and is picked up by the Richmond LB. He tries to make a pass into midfield but Mountain is there to clear and gets the ball to Diego who releases Sayha again! Sayha's shot is low but again the keeper manages to cover. Richmond go on the attack again trying to use the wings but again the Tahuna defence line is doing its job today and quickly closes down any attempts made. 64thmin Mountain motions to Rhys that his day is done and Casemiro comes back on in place. A good showing from Mountain but definitely not at his best today.

Casemiro quickly gets the ball from a throw in and gives it to Sobi. Sobi links with Han and Diego and unleashes a rocket! Over the bar by a whisker! Tahuna smell blood and they know it. Richmond start getting aggravated and make some nasty tackles on both Diego and Han. With the latter winning a free kick 30 yards out. Diego floats one in but the keeper is there to punch it away, Richmond break at pace but before they can release the final ball Josh Hindrup regains possession for Tahuna and beats one man, passes to Sobi who tries to get the ball through to Sayha, its cut out by the Richmond LB for a throw. Tahuna make another couple of subs with Luca coming back on in place of Diego and both Dong and Blessings coming back in their striking roles. Straightway Tahuna find themselves in possession and break, Casemiro flicks to Sobi who finds Luca who inturn releases a ball to Blessings, Blessings charges down the left and wins a freekick! The Richmond players begin to argue with the referee who waves them away. Diego stands over the ball, a quick call from Mountain on the sideline as to what he should do and Diego takes the kick, he sends it heading straight towards the keepers top left.... ITS GOING IN...... SAVE BY THE RICHMOND KEEPER!!!!! The ball goes out for a corner as the entire sideline makes a collective gasp. The ball is floated in again by Diego but only as far as a Richmond head. Richmond try to break again but Ralph cuts out the pass and gives it to Casemiro. He looks up and sees the run of Dong who unfortunately can't get the turn in and is dispossessed by the Richmond player.

It's all balls to the wall now as the final 5mins tick by with neither team giving an inch. very much end to end stuff as both teams chase that all elusive goal. 5 mins flies by as the ref looks at his watch. Richmond win a corner and float the ball in but Kez Peters is again there to snuff out any attempt for Richmond to head the ball, the ref blows for fulltime as Richmond Thistle and "Inter" Tahuna 3rds share the points after a great game of entertaining football.

Match report by Stuart Mountain.


Tahuna 4th XI 0-3 FC Nelson

Location: Tahunanui S1


Match MVP: Brad Jessop

A hard match against a very experienced opposition made up of players from last year's 2nd and 3rd Division FC players. We did not make it easy for them, making them fight for every inch of ground. We had some great periods of possession but did not make it far enough up the field to test their keeper. Some sloppy defending resulted in FC taking the lead at around the 30-minute mark and we went into the break only one goal down.

The second half saw us use our periods of possession to better effect, forcing a handful of corners and taking a few shots at goal, our best chances coming through Keris and Mike. Unfortunately for us FC managed to get 2 lucky goals leaving the result 0-3 at full time.

An impressive effort against a team of their caliber and once the team has played together more, I am sure we can get a result next time we play. Big thanks to the players from the 3rds that helped us out while we have people away/injured.

MOTM honors went to Brad for an outstanding game in defense, a massive part of why the game finished as well as it did.


Match report by Zach.


TFC Breakers 1-5 Suburbs SPL Reserves

Location: Saxton Field S2

Goals: Ruby Cunningham

Match MVP:

Match report to come.


TFC Masters 3-0 Golden bay Sting rays (Default)

Location: Tahuna S2


Match MVP:


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