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18 May 2024

Division 3: Sprig + Fern Tahuna 3rd XI Division 4:

Women's Premiership: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Breakers Masters Football: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Masters


1st XI 0-2 Rangers AFC

Location: A&P Blenheim


Match MVP: James Owen What a day for football Saturday was over the hill, the sun was out and after a long drive over the boys hit the sheds to chat tactics before kickoff. Despite having late pull outs through injury and sickness, 13 of TFCs finest (and Kieron) geared up to play one of the leagues best teams. 

Both teams started the game strongly, maybe the home side just having the better of the game. TFC were unlucky not to go up after Danny Hampton smacked a shot into the crossbar/post. But after a under hit pass from goalkeeper Joe to debutant Riku, the home side ran through on goal and went 1 Nil up, and not long after their lead was doubled. 

Going into the break 2-0 down, the boys were hungry to go out and perform in the second half. The away side played some cracking football, some of the best they've played all season spending long periods on the ball. But all that led to no goals as the home side's defense stood strong and the game finished 2-0. 

Some great performances all round, but the stand out of the day was young James Owen for his strong display the the middle of the park, and even better performance later on that night. Much like the MOTM candidates, there was many for Dick of the day. And also like the MOTM, that went to James for using about 5 excuses for being late. Honorable mentions go to Danny Ross and Kieron Crossan for getting yellow carded for having a couple beers on the sideline, nice one lads.

An all round good day and unlucky not to get anything out of the game, topped off by lots of beers drunk on the trip back over the hill. Huge shout out to Seth for driving the van to and from Blenheim, legend!  Match Report by Matt Jepson


2nd XI 5-4 FC Nelson Reserves

Location: Neale Park


Match MVP: Dan Smith

In a pulsating nine-goal thriller at Neale Park, Tahuna 2nd XI produced a remarkable comeback to defeat FC Nelson Reserves 5-4 after being 3-0 down inside 15 minutes.

An understrength Tahuna side, supplemented by Binh from the 3rds and the many walking wounded, made a dreadful start as a strong FC team featuring some first division players raced into a 3-0 lead courtesy of some sloppy Tahuna defending.

The first goal came after the Tahuna backline was caught out by a long ball and failed to take any of their multiple opportunities to clear before being clinically punished. For the second, midfield and defence parted like the Red Sea, allowing FC midfielder Jamane Wilson to ghost through completely unchallenged and gleefully dispatch into the bottom corner. The third stemmed from a corner Tahuna needlessly conceded before failing to effectively clear, allowing an unmarked FC player to score via a heavy deflection off the unlucky Sam's shin.

However, Tahuna gradually regrouped. Binh gave them a lifeline with a neat close-range finish before Will Mathews converted a penalty after the referee spotted an FC defender trying to surgically remove Ollie’s arm at a corner. Some great midfield play from Petchy, Gary Walker and Dan kept the pressure on until halftime.

Strong words were had during the break as Tahuna emerged reinvigorated after the restart. But more carelessness gifted FC possession in midfield with a chipped through ball into space for their striker to dink over the advancing Will who was left in no man’s land to make it 4-2.

Tahuna showed great character though. Dan was brought down in the box as he shaped to shoot and Will coolly converted the resulting penalty for his second of the game.

FC went on the offensive again, working the ball wide at every opportunity, trying to overload the Tahuna defence. But Harry and Eric stood firm at the back to repel the waves of attacks. Keeper Will then produced a fantastic double save from a one-on-one situation and rebound, before quickly releasing the ball upfield. A neat layback allowed Petchy to unleash an absolute thunderbastard from distance that arrowed into the top corner, making it 4-4 with 15 minutes remaining.

With the game now an end-to-end affair, Tahuna got free down the left, before an early ball slipped in Binh, who sat the defender on his backside before coolly slotting home the winner to cap an astonishing 5-4 comeback.

Dan Smith was named man of the match for his endless running and quality deliveries, but credit went to the entire Tahuna side for their never-say-die attitude to claim all three points despite being 3-0 down Match report by Will Murphy.


3rd XI 1-3 Suburbs FC Rovers

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Blessings

Match MVP: Blessings It is another wonderful day in Tahuna for this top of the table clash between Tahuna 3rds and Nelson Suburbs Rovers:

The game kicks off with Tahuna wearing black and Rovers wearing maroon. Straight away Tahuna start brightly making some decent passes in the middle of the park. Diego Catto is starting up top alongside Luca Bianchi. Some decent passes between the 2 of them sees Luca get a shot off but its an easy save for the Rovers keeper. The keeper kicks it high into the middle of the park and Rovers get a head onto it, getting the ball out to their right winger who attempts to get past Josh Hindrup but Josh manages to steal the ball away and passes into midfield, Tahuna again try to pass it around but Rovers manage to break it up. This goes on for about 10mins with neither team managing to get an edge.

Its not long before Tom Dunn is called into action between the posts as a long kick from Rovers catches out Kez Peters at the back. Tom picks it up and immediately sends a long ball sailing into the Rovers half, Luca Bianchi gets the better of the Rovers CB in a 50/50, he looks up and sees the keeper off his line and chips!!!!!


The Tahuna bench erupts as Luca chips the keeper from 20 yards out and the 3rds are celebrating like there is no tomorrow. The referee blows for the goal and Tahuna head to the centre for the restart...

But what's this?!?!

The referee has been swarmed by the Rovers players after the goal has gone in. He's rescinded the goal and given Rovers a goalkick?! Unreal scenes here at KFC Park!! twice in as many weeks Tahuna have scored and again had their goal taken away from them!!

According to the referee it is alleged that Luca committed a foul during the 50/50 challenge with the Rovers CB. 

Tahuna can't believe it as the goalkick is taken. Rovers have woken up now as they have realised this is not the same Tahuna team, they beat 7-0 in the previous fixture.  There is alot more conviction now as tackles fly in from both sides and freekicks are given both ways. Rovers break into the Tahuna half and get a freekick. Tahuna set up the wall as Tom dictates where they should be. The kick is taken and it looks like an easy pick up but theres confusion in the box and the ball rolls into the goal!

Rovers 1 Tahuna 0

The 3rds dust themselves off after conceding. The kick off is taken and immediately Tahuna go on the attack, some brilliant passing between Sobi, Diego, Casemiro and Blessings sees the Rovers keeper stretch to make the save and send it out for the corner. Diego heads over to the corner and prepares to take the kick. Big Kez Peters is up and as Diego sends it in. It sails in and theres a scrap in the box, it falls to Blessings....


Blessings finally opens his Tahuna account after letting fly from 10 yards out, the Tahuna fans and the bench are going mental!! The 3rds swamp Blessings and you can see how much this goal means to them.

Rovers take the kick and for the next 15 mins neither team is giving anything away. Suddenly Rovers clip the ball over from right to left straight into the edge of the Tahuna box as the Rovers winger gets it relatively unmarked, he lets fly and sends it into Tom's bottom left.

Rovers 2 Tahuna 1

Some changes from the bench for Tahuna now which sees the inclusion of Sayha, Dong and Stu. Seems we've got a partnership of Stu and Sayha upfront now.

Some neat passing again from the Tahuna midfield sees Sayha unleash a shot but the keeper gets his hands to it to clean up. Rovers try playing it out from the back, the Rovers RB gets the ball and is immediately wiped out by Stu Mountain, he took no prisoners there!!!!!! and the Rovers RB is still down as Stu gives chase to the loose ball, the Rovers CB tries to clear but again Stu bears down on him and sends it out for a throw in. The Rovers players are swamping the ref demanding a yellow card to Mountain for the challenge but the ref isn't having any of it.

The throw in is taken and Rovers work the ball into the corner and try a cross...

The ball floats in and is cleared by Tahuna but there are appeals for handball in the box. The ref blows and signals a penalty to Rovers!!!!!!

Rovers take the penalty and Tom leaps the right way but it goes just slightly over his outstretched hands.

Rovers 3 Tahuna 1

Tahuna take the kick off and go on the assault again with Sayha getting a few shots off as the ref blows for halftime.

A few alterations from both sides at halftime with Stu dropping into CDM and Casemiro having a break. Tahuna take the kick off and for pretty much most of the 2nd half Tahuna try sending long balls over the top but Rovers are sitting back now and defending their lead. Rovers keep trying to get the ball back into the Tahuna half with long kicks but only 1 or 2 players giving chase.

Some more changes from both sides see Kez coming off and Stu for Casemiro going in Kez's place at CB and Han swapping with Stu.

Tahuna keep attacking as much as possible and are unlucky not to find the net on numerous occasions. With 15mins to go it starts to get nasty with Rovers and Tahuna committing multiple fouls on eachother. Suddenly though some brilliant midfield play finds Luca in on goal... He shoots......

OF THE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rovers backline clear it for a corner. Again the corner is floated in but is dealt with by the Rovers backline, they are defending like their lives depend on it as Tahuna again come forward and try to break the defense down. Luca takes it into the corner and it comes off the Rovers player but the linesman is saying goal kick. All of a sudden the Rovers players and Tahuna players start going in on each other with shoving and shouting going on. The ref books Luca for dissent towards the linesman (Rovers linesman might I add)

The ref awards the corner and is taken, again Rovers manage to clear it. The referee awards 5mins extra time as Tahuna again go on the attack.

5mins pass rather quickly as the ref blows for full time and it finishes Rovers 3 Tahuna 3rds 1. 

Not our day at the office today as some of the referee's decision making was a lot more to be desired and that was also echoed by the Rovers boys as well after the game. Up next for Tahuna 3rds a home game against a resurgent Richmond Thistle team at Tahuna S2.

Match report by Stuart Mountain.


Tahuna 4th XI 2-5 Golden Bay Gladiators

Locatation: Tahunanui S2


Match MVP:


Match report to come.


TFC Breakers 3-1 Golden Bay Shield Maidens

Location: Tahunanui S2

Goals: Ruby, Miho

Match MVP: MVP Hazel, speed and sticking with the attacking players.

This week’s game against Golden Bay was always going to be an evenly contested match, previous matches against the same opponents for both Tahuna and the Golden Bay team reflected similar scores.

Golden Bay had a new looking team full of energy and were prepared to give us a good game.

With the sun behind our backs, we kicked off with a 4, 4, 2 lineup to bolster our defence and midfield play. Right from the start we were challenged with the fast play from GB and our back line held up too many of their plays and attempts to penetrate our defensive line. The game went back and forth for the first 20 mins with neither side showing any intention to be the first to give away a goal.

The midfield was tightly contested with outstanding football skills from Sophie and Sayaka to combat the relentless advances by GB through the middle. Tahuna begun to find a kink in GB’s defence through long passes from the back and midfield to set Ruby and EJ running behind their defensive line. Although the first couple of attempts did not reward us with a goal there was many a close shot at goal and a few off the posts. Ruby was rewarded with a goal in the 25 minutes. It was another 10 minutes of back and forth play until Ruby almost got a second to only have it robbed from her by bouncing of the cross bar, not to lose the opportunity of the rebound Sophie took the ball from the defence and was able to pass a cross to Miho who found the back of the net.

Half time saw us with a 2-0 lead, Golden Bay came back in the second half with increased intensity and there was many one challenges that unfortunately saw many stoppages for injuries with balls to the body and head. With one of our own players rolling their ankle, quickly recover Rebecca.

Golden Bay took the first point in the second half with a looping kick over the top of our goalie to find the back of the net. Like the first half the game was played across the entire field with many a one-on-one tackle and plays to get the ball around two or three GB players. 

GB had a tight defensive line that made our advances in the box difficult and tested our footwork, ball skills, and communication to gain the upper hand. Not to be out done Sophie was rewarded for her efforts with a goal after relentless advances of GB to prevent her from getting the opportunity to score. Golden Bay would reciprocate with advances on our goal line, with a strong back line up of Monique, Michelle, Ruth, Marijke, and Hazel, GB got not increase their score line.

Defensive tackles, fast running, and sticking with the attacking players earned Hazel MVP for the match.

The game saw both sides tested with penalties, fast play, and impressive corner kicks from Hannah and Ruby.

The spectators from both sides were not disappointed with the level of play and witness one of the most exciting games of the season for Tahuna. Match report by Cris Phelan.


TFC Masters 2-0 Richmond Bogans Masters

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Ed, Colin

Match MVP: Darren Fitgerald

Another big physical side put to bed and 3 points in the bag. But not without injuries with Jon getting an elbow in his ribs and Matts hammy playing up. We also have Dave and Thomas out and a lot of other players nursing other injuries they don't want to talk about. The squad did well for us today and provided cover when and where it was needed. So look after yourselves it's a long season.........and we are masters.....not spring chickens. But saying that I thought we had our passing game on point for a lot longer than usual which took the pressure off a bit, so that's going in the right direction. The more we work on and get that together, the easier games will get and the less injuries we will have.

We started again on the front foot and had it over them for the first 10 and then it got a bit scrappy. We were working the game plan and attacking down the wings and trying the shift their defense around.

Our transition from defense to mid field to attack was smooth and 20/25 mins in Macca hit Patty on the wing (secondary assist), Patty smashed a nice low ball across the 6 yard box and I got a foot on it (proper Maccadonna outside of my right boot) into the top corner.

Not long after we made some subs and we went off the boil a bit as expected but nothing major. We created and couple more chances and saw the half out 1-0 leaders.

The second half started much like the first, We were passing well and supporting without too many brain farts. I think our passing % went up for the second half. There weren't many uncontrolled hoofs out of defense and we seemed a lot calmer, our energy/work rate was up too.

Then eventually 20/30mins into the half Kev passed to Macca (secondary assist.......jus to be clear this isn't a thing and will not be featured much in future reports). Macca passed to Ed, Ed dribbled around 3 of their guys and passed it into the corner...2-0.

I think that took the steam out of Bogans. Their intensity dropped a bit and the space opened up. We finished with more energy than them and managed the game well and saw out the half 2-0 winners.

Great job, awesome team effort, 3 points in the bag. Man of the match - Darryn Fitzgerald. Great midfield energy. Match report by Colin Chapman.


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