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15 July 2023


1st XI 0-2 Richmond 1st XI

Location: Tahuna


Match MVP: Matt Jepson

Saturday saw the firsts return to TFC Park for the first time in 3 weeks since that huge 10-0 win over today's opponents, Richmond FC. The boys were looking to get back to winning ways after a 5-0 defeat to title challengers Blenheim Rangers two weekends ago.

Not long after kick off, Munday was put through down the left wing only to be taken out at the knees by Richmond's last man, resulting in the away side being reduced to 10 for the next 88 minutes. You could sense the belief that the boys in white and blue thought a second 10-0 scoreline was very much on the cards, however that was far from the case. A wonder goal and a deflection off of vice captain Seth Watson's right shinpad saw Tahuna down 2-0 at the break.

After some strong words in the sheds we came out looking hungry for a comeback, keen to book a space in the Price Charity cup final, but a wall of red and black defended too well, 100% earning their win. Some cracking well timed challenges at the back saw Matt Jepo earn man of the match for the home side, well done that man!

2-0 on the day but 10-2 on aggregate for the season, good to luck to Richmond for the final!

Match Report by Joe.


2nd XI - No Game



Match MVP:


3rd XI 3-3 Nelson Suburbs FC Rovers

3rds win 4-3 on penalties

Location: Saxtons

Goals: Sobi (1), Pedro (1), Bo (1) Penalties: Pedro, Sobi, Will, Patti

Match MVP: Tom

What an epic, they were a tough team, bit like a pitbull, they wouldn't let go.

We started OK and I didn't think we were too bad in the first half. A bit of unesserary hoofin but generally pretty solid. We scored first but they pegged us back. We went 3-1 up in the second half but couldn't put it to bed. Like a pit bull that wouldn't let go. When they put the 3rd away with 2 mins to go, that was a knockout blow right there. But we got up and shrugged it off.

I thought we bossed most of the second half, we got our passing game on. We defo created more chances than they did, but as I said we couldn't put it to bed........coz they wouldn't let go like a pit bull.

Extra time was hard work and as the game opened up and turned into a battle of the fittest.. I subbed off, not realizing I couldn't take a penalty coz I wasn't on the pitch at the end of Extra time. What a relief I wasn't really up for it but I would have said yeah.

Penalties... Nice one for sorting out the penalty takers Pedro. So they score, Pedro scores, Tom saves, Sob scores....and does a little celebration dance. Tom saves but the linesman said he wasn't on his goal line and they score the re-take. Will scores...interesting technique bouncing it off their keeper into the side netting. They send the ball into orbit, Patti cool as a cucumber ends them.

Incidents as well, Luke scored..... but the linesman gave a free kick to the keeper. Their #17 tried to sneak on to take a penalty, but he got bubbled and a yellow card. Will got carded for a solid tackle, someone else got carded too.

That was by far the hardest game of the season and we couldn't have got through that without the support of our club. So big ups for Dan and Banic for stepping up from the 4ths, and Ed and Will for stepping up from the 2nds, quality performances all round. Big ups to the Travelin Tahuna Army. As for you regulars, you worked hard, you did your jobs and backed yourselves...…..and now we're in a final. Even in such a tense game there was no negativity in the on pitch banter and I haven't noticed any for months.....Go Tahuna!

Match Report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI - No Game



Match MVP:


TFC Breakers - No Game



Match MVP:


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