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11 May 2024

Division 3: Sprig + Fern Tahuna 3rd XI Division 4:

Women's Premiership: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Breakers Masters Football: Sprig + Fern Tahuna Masters


1st XI 2-3 FC Nelson Chatham Cup

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Seth Watson 2

Match MVP: Seth Watson After the bitterness and nature of last weeks defeat at Saxton’s the boy’s from the beach were chomping at the bit to get back out onto the paddock and go again.  Unfortunately, the curse of the FC Nelson COVID case reared it’s ugly head giving us all a strange sense of Deja Vu. For the second time this year, we went into a game against 2023’s best side without a full training session in the build up, and this time around with 9 players downed by COVID. Despite this, the home side roared into the game and took a commanding lead inside 2 minutes when the Skipper, Seth, rose highest from an early set piece. The ball rather unconventionally making its way into the net off of his muscular, v-shaped, back. The goal spurred the home side on and shook the visitors. Riding the wave of a rapturous home crowd, Captain Seth went close again moments later forcing a sharp save from the young FC keeper. James then demonstrated why he is affectionately nicknamed “Drop Goal” by his team mates, when he blasted over from just inside the area on the back of a flowing break down the right flank that was started by a thunderous tackle from Heyden. 15 minutes in, the home side were forced into a change when Mackenzie, in the starting line up for the first time this season, pulled up after dispossessing his opposite number and burst over halfway to start a counter. Ash replaced him, immediately picking up the speed of the game with a couple of brilliant switch passes as the home side looked for a second. The pattern of the first half remained the same from here, FC Nelson holding a superior percentage of the ball without truly threatening and the boys in blue looking threatening on the counter and from set pieces. For the first time this year, the boys lead going into the sheds. The second half saw FC change shape and personnel, switching from their normal 3-5-2 to a 3-4-3 and loading the top end of the park. TFC attacking the KFC end continued to pose a threat on the break and troubled the visiting backline on a number of occasions. The addition of some pace up top gave the lads something different to deal with at the back, but the new threat was expertly marshalled by our resident Viking. The game followed the pattern of a classic cup game, big challenges flying in, an end to end battle building up to a tense and dramatic climax. Having battled well for 80 minutes, FC finally managed a sustained period of pressure, forcing 4 corners on the bounce. The first two were dealt with well by the home side, the third saw a heroic block on the goaline by Mr Tache - Jamie Floyd, before the 4th ultimately saw FC Nelson equalise when a sublime volley from the corner of the box was met by a flying head at the back stick. 1-1 with 9 minutes to go and the game exploded to life.  Immediately from the restart, FC broke down their right flank as Tahuna prepped a double change. The goal scorer burst into centre field unleashing a curling effort that looked destined to fly into the top bin. Almost as if karma for the week before had finally arrived, the ball didn’t dip - cannoning off the crossbar and into the grateful arms of Joe.  Not content to settle for extra time, Joe fizzed the ball wide. A neat exchange between IT, Ash and Heyds earnt a free kick on the left flank.  Having won the free kick, IT set the ball down and delivered early while the FC backline tried to set. His pinpoint cross was chested by Captain Fantastic and stroked home on the half volley to send limbs flying across the Sprig & Fern Arena. 4 minutes to go, 2-1. Danny Ross returned and Lionel Bollier made his 1st Team debut as the tiring, but tireless legs of Heyds and James were replaced.  The goal did little to settle the chaos of the game, and FC roared back on to the attack looking to take the game into extra time. Tahuna threw bodies at everything, limiting the visitors to pot shots and snapshots, before a one of these pot shots managed to dribble its way into the corner and level the game again. Joe, unsighted by the mass of bodies rushing to block, unable to claw the ball away with a slight deflection spinning the ball toward the inside netting.  There was time for a last throw from the home side, who again feel unfortunate not to have had a key decision in their favour. A corner delivered again by Paul “IT” Scholes was met by Viking Viktor, blocked and rebounded out to Lionel who’s effort was blocked on the line by an FC Nelson arm. Despite huge cries and pleas for a penalty, the referee opted for whistling for full time instead. Extra time got underway with another home team change, Petchy replacing Jamie Floyd in the centre of the park as we looked for the spark of fresh legs. Unfortunately for the home team, 5 minutes into the extra period, FC’s first goal scorer and crossbar striker, unleashed a wicked, swerving left footed thunderbolt that left everyone in attendance stunned. The brief silence which held everyone in attendance a testament to the quality of the strike. The away side had the lead for the first time. The first period of extra time saw little else of note, with both sides cautiously trying to force a mistake. With nothing to lose, the boy’s from the beach changed shape for a final push - shifting to a 3-4-3.  Piling bodies forward in search of an equaliser of their own Tahuna were repelled in waves by tired but dogged defensive work from the visitors. In a game of flash points and action it was almost guaranteed to finish on the same note. Initially awarded a penalty when Ash was sythed down as he entered the area, the referee then deferred to his linesperson, and reversed his decision, instead awarding a throw-in, despite the ball not actually leaving the field of play. (??) From the resultant throw-in, after a good few minutes of furious debate, Ash again won the home side a free kick and a chance to push bodies into the box.  With everyone, including Joe, up - the ball was whipped in and met at the back post by Viktor. His goalbound header parried away before Joe, as he rushed back, clattered into an FC attacker in a ball and all tackle to prevent a breakaway to an empty net.  Ultimately the result didn’t turn out for the lads, but a performance and game to be proud of. A cup classic and a massive building block to take into next week in Blenheim. Too many quality performances to mention them all, but special shout out to Seth, a true captains performance, opitimised by his 30 yard sprint in the 118th minute to block a shot. That on top of two goals earns him MOTM and a pizza voucher. Match Report by Matt Jepson


2nd XI 4-0 Wakefield 1st XI

Location: Tahunanui S1

Goals: Will, James, Lionel, Raimund

Match MVP: Sam Fitzgerald

Tahuna FC's 2nd XI took full advantage of playing against nine men for the first half, running out 4-0 winners over Wakefield 1st XI in Saturday's early kickoff at Tahuna. With some Wakefield players not arriving on time, the visitors had to start the match two players down, and Tahuna looked to make their numerical superiority count. However, the home side struggled to take any of their clear-cut chances in the opening half hour despite dominating possession and territory. It took a penalty late in the first half for Tahuna to finally break the deadlock, with Will coolly slotting into the bottom corner. That seemed to open the floodgates as Raimund and the returning Munday added further goals before the break to make it 3-0. Wakefield were back up to their full complement of 11 players after halftime, but Tahuna remained in control. Lionel added a fourth with a sharp finish around the 70th minute to cap off an impressive performance. While the 2nd XI will be pleased with the three points and their first clean sheet of the season, it was frustrating to see the team's lack of killer instinct in front of goal when needed. Man of the match honours went to center-back Sam, who was a rock in defense with a number of vital sliding challenges and interceptions to snuff out any Wakefield attacks. Match report by Will Murphy.


3rd XI 2-1 Richmond FC Bogans

Location: Tahunanui S2

Goals: Binh, Diego

Match MVP: Another fantastic day for football as Tahuna 3rds take on Richmond Bogans from the Tahuna S2 pitch.

Tahuna lineup up in their 4-4-2 Diamond formation while Bogans look to start with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Kick off and Bogans start, they pass the ball into midfield and try to work it around but instantly Blessings playing in CAM cuts the pass out and gets the ball to Jair who quickly slips the crossfield ball to Luca playing in RS today. Luca takes the ball to the byline and tries a cross but the ball sails wide for a goalkick. 

Bogans try working the ball through their midfield again but again Jair cuts their passes out and gives the ball to Josh Hindrup who's on LB today. Josh tries a neat 1-2 with Jair and gets the ball forward to Diego Catto at LS. Diego tries a shot but the keeper saves again.

Bogans try to break again but Sobi makes a challenge and the ref awards a free kick. Sobi starts to argue with the ref and immediately shows Sobi a yellow card and sin bins him for 10mins for dissent. Tahuna down to 10 men now with 15mins on the clock. Tahuna shape up and keep the Bogans at bay for the duration of Sobi's time off.

About 27mins in Jair attempts a tackle but immediately goes to ground, looks pretty serious as he comes off for Dong. Bogans manage to get the ball through finally to their striker who takes a touch and shoots!!!......

SAVED by Tom Dunn between the sticks!!! it looked like it was going into the top right but Tom gets a massive hand to it as it goes out for a corner. Bogans subsequent corner flies over the bar for a goal kick. 

Tom takes the kick and it goes high and far into the Bogans half. The ball is taken by Diego who charges into the box. He goes to ground under the Bogans CB. Shouts for a penalty and the ref has given the penalty!!!

Diego steps up and buries it into the keepers right but the ref had not blown his whistle to take the kick. Diego again stands poised.... He sends it to the keepers left now and again buries it, the referee awards the goal but the linesman has his flag up!! The referee goes over to confirm what the situation is. Stu in the Tahuna dugout motions to the team to lineup for the kickoff. After some conferring between the referee and the linesman the goal is not awarded due to apparent encroachment by a Tahuna player during the kick. The referee awards an indirect free kick to Bogans on the edge of their box. 

Some more attempted shots by Bogans from outside the Tahuna box as they cannot seem to get past the backline today. Big Kez Peters dictating the backline today. Tom Dunn takes the goalkick and sends it again deep into the Bogans half, a mistimed kick by the Bogans RB sees Diego in on goal, he buries it into the bottom left and the Tahuna bench erupts!!!!!! But no more drama here as the linesman puts his flag up incredibly late, surely that was a goal, he was onside by a country mile!!! The awards the offside and Bogans take the kick. Half time rolls around as both teams come off the pitch.

Half time: Tahuna 0 Bogans 0

Some changes at halftime by both teams. Tahuna take the kick and immediately Luca races in on goal but a brilliant save is made by the Bogans keeper and sends it out for a corner. The ball gets floated in and theres abit of flying legs to get the ball out. The ball falls to Dong and he rifles it just over the bar!! Tahuna set up for the goalkick as Bogans send it into the middle of the park. Bogans attempt to get the ball down the line and the Tahuna RB misses his tackle, Bogans break down the left and the striker lines up to take the shot! The Tahuna RB gets back and makes an incredible sliding tackle!!! But whats this???!!! The referee has given a penalty to Bogans!!!! The Tahuna bench goes ballistic. Even the Bogans cannot believe it! The Bogans 25 steps up to take the kick and buries the penalty. The striker walks away not celebrating as he doesn't believe it was a penalty in the first place...

Bogans 1 Tahuna 0

Some changes made now from Tahuna as Sobi is replaced by Stu Mountain and Blessings is replaced by Binh. Tahuna take the kick and immediately string some wonderful passes together. Diego flicks to Luca who passes out to the Tahuna RB who lofts a beauty cross into the box, Luca gets a shot off but it is saved by the keeper. Tahuna are really fired up now. Bogans cant break through the defence and Tahuna again go on the attack. Some neat passing by Tahuna and the break is on....

GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL TAHUNA!!!!!! The midfield work the ball amongst themselves and manage to thread the ball through, a neat little touch and finish sends it underneath the keeper and Tahuna have their goal finally. Hardly a celebration as Dong grabs the ball from the net and runs it back to the centre circle. Tahuna right back in this now.

Kez drops down as his ankle gives out. He limps off to a standing ovation from the home fans and bench. Stu drops from CDM into CB as Sobi comes back and Binh drops into CDM.

Bogans still cannot break through the Tahuna backline and the defence recycles the ball into midfield. Luca drops back and plays a beautiful 1-2 with Binh, Binh aims a low cutting pass straight through the Bogans backline ripping them apart. Diego latches onto the killer pass and smashes the shot......


Diego Catto finally gets the goal he has deserved this entire game!!! He is swamped by the team as the bench and home fans go into complete ecstasy!!!! 

Tahuna are really cooking here now. 

Bogans take the kick off and try a long ball over the top, its cleared up by Stu who passes back to Tom, Tom sends a big long ball back into the Bogans half. Dong latches on and passes to Luca, Tahuna want to bury this game now as Luca cuts back and passes to Binh on the edge of the box. Binh lets fly but just narrowly misses the post. Some more well worked passes by Tahuna as the clock winds down.

The ref looks at his watch and blows the final whistle!!!!

Tahuna have completed a fantastic turnaround here!!

Final score:

Tahuna 2 Bogans 1

Tahuna now move onto their next game against Nelson Suburbs Rovers in a top of the table clash with a score to settle after being mauled 7-0 by Rovers in the first game of the season.

Match report by Stu Mountain.


Tahuna 4th XI 1-1 Suburbs FC Sky Blues

Locatation: Tahunanui S2

Goals: Keris Lilo

Match MVP: Tom Dunn

Game five, goalkeeper number five.... Yeap, you read that right folks. Luke broke a finger while in goal last week but thankfully due to a fixture change, we were able to borrow Tom from the 3rds since his game was not until after ours.

It was a beautiful day for football and the game started likewise. After forcing an early corner Jack delivered the ball straight to Keris who put it in the back of the net for an early lead. We continued to put the pressure on but had no luck in getting any more goals.

Sky Blues barely threatened but when they did our defense held strong and Tom was brilliant in goal, making quite a few reactive saves to keep us in the lead. Into the second half we found ourselves under a bit more pressure but some fresh legs off the bench helped soak some of it.

Tension started building with both teams accusing the opposition's linesmen of making the wrong calls. Luke ended up with a yellow card for going off at their linesman.

With about 5 minutes to go an unfortunate deflection resulted in an own goal, Brads second in as many weeks. However, Tahuna fought back and had a perfect chance to secure a win as someone (I forget who) dribbled the ball into the box, past their keeper to an open goal and...... passed the ball to another player (my memory sucks) in an offside position.

The full-time whistle went right after the free kick.

A game we should have won as we had plenty of chances during the game but not finishing our chances is something we will need to address as it is becoming a bit of a theme.

MOTM went to Tom Dunn for an outstanding game in goal. Thanks, heaps, for the assistance.


Match report by Zach.


TFC Breakers 11-1 FC Nelson Diamonds

Location: Botanics

Goals: Rebecca, Ruby, Sayaka, Miho, Emily

Match MVP: Miho

Another great Autunm afternoon for the team to arrive at Botanical Park, home of the FC Nelson

football team for a 15:00 kick off.

The game started with Tahuna attacking the FC Nelson defense with strong resistance from the

opposition defending their half and exceptional protection of the net by the goalie, we were unable

to score for the first 20 mins.

With 11 players and 3 reserves, we were able to rotate players to keep the energy up and the speed

to have EJ penetrate the defense line to score our first goal in the 21st minute. This was followed up

by Ruby scoring the second goal after outrunning all the defenders to take a close range shot at goal.

Sophie used her natural ability to weave in and out of the FC defenders and took a weave to the left

to get around her defender and take a shot with her left foot and find the back of the net.

After relentless attempts of getting into our half, FC Nelson was rewarded with a goal after a one-on-

one challenge to get a ball pass Arin, after putting her body on the line in saving previous attempts

at goal. After the kickoff, Miho came from the midfield to support our strikers with tactical passing

to be rewarded with ball being passed back to her for a mid-range goal from inside the 18-yard box.

As half time approached Ruby took the opportunity to advance her score tally and put another ball

into the back of the net to finish the first half up 5-1.

As we faced the sinking sun on the horizon Hannah borrowed the coach’s hat and took the reins

from Arin in goal. Hannah ensured our players knew where to be and what the opposition where

planning with great direction communication for the goal.

Ruby started the second half as she finished the first and sored the next two goals, if it wasn’t for

half time we could call it a hattrick.

The defense line of Hazel, Marijke, Mon, Jenna, and Hannah in goal, held off any further attempts at

by FC to prevent any further balls from finding the back of the net.

The 8th goal came after Amiee did a stunning run down the right wing and a couple of passes

between her a Sayaka, saw Sayaka weave through the remaining defense to chip the ball into the

back of the net. The second half gave us numerous corner shots and the opportunity to attack the

goal with headers, unfortunately FC’s goalie was able to grab the ball out of the air and restrict our


Rebecca was rewarded with a goal after many support plays from midfield with strong tackles and

long rang passes.

To round the game out Sayaka took on the tiered but strong FC back line to score one more time,

with two goals under her belt and not to be outdone by Ruby Sayaka tried unsuccessfully to get the

hattrick with a final shot at goal that skimmed the outside of goal post.

With a final score line of 11-1 the girls celebrated the win with a prearranged dinner at Chokdee’s.

Well, done ladies Match report by Cris Phelan.


TFC Masters 6-3 Richmond Masters

Location: Jubilee Park

Goals: Matt 4, Kevin, Colin

Match MVP: Matt Rodgers

This game is dedicated to Marty Swindell, a Tahuna player from days gone by who is in the UK battling cancer. Most of us have vivid memories of playing with Marty, a tough striker back in the day and more recently a solid defender....not to be messed with during the 90 mins. Off the pitch a gentleman with a big heart and a dry sense of humour. The club sends you love and support Marty. What a game....seemed like 2 different games. We started reasonably OK but something wasn't clicking. We weren't on our passing game and were making a few mistakes ....all over the pitch. We paid for this and shipped 3 goals in the first half without really looking like we'd score. We gave them as much pressure as they gave us and probably spent more time in their box, but we couldn't find the back of the net. So we finished the half 3-0 down......most of us thinking WTF rather than 'Boo Hoo we're losing'. We changed a few things around at the break and got into it. It took about 10/15 mins to crack them. Matt got on the ball out on the left and dribbled in, then smashed it past their keeper 3-1.....Then it became the 'Matt and Patty show', Over the next 20 mins or so we started playing our game, the backs had their forwards in their pockets, the mids were linking up well and the forward line kept cutting through their defense. Patty had a great game and assisted Matt another 3 times with quality crosses to the far post for Matt to run in on and put yeah....thanks to Patty and Matt we were 4-3 up with about 20 mins to go. Not satisfied with that we pressed on and Daz forced a penalty which Kev put in the back of the net. Then with about 10 to go Daz found me...... well their defender took the pace off it with his head....if he hadn't done that I don't think I would have caught up to the ball. But he did and I did and that left me with an easy lob over a keeper in no mans land............nice 6-3. Fantastic effort by everyone, we are carrying so many injuries as a squad....I guess that's masters, we played players out of position.....I guess that's injuries and we had players away....that's just life....and we still pulled the win out of the bag. It also shows we can score 6 goals in a half..... Let's be smart about how we are managing our injuries. It's better to play half a game and come off wanting more, than play for 90 and miss the next 4 games. Still undefeated. Match report by Colin Chapman.


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