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7 May 2022

Photos by Ab's Snaps. For more match-day pics join the Facebook Group. To purchase photos or request your own photos at the next game contact Abbi Robinson.


1st XI 3-2 FC Nelson

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Jack Keogan, William Mathews, Mackenzie Manaton

Match MVP: Josh Johnston

A huge win for the blue army this past Saturday, taking the 3 points off FC Nelson late in the game in front of a home crowd. Tahuna were very amped up in the changing rooms and eager to get out on the pitch with a change of formation after last week's result. The excitement from the boys was transferred right onto the pitch as they took control of the game early on creating good chances and playing some tidy football. A lucky goal after a keeper error from Jack Keogan had everyone's heads up high from there on in. Soon after though, FC managed to pull the game back to 1-1 with a goal later in the first half. Going into half time the boys were thrilled with how the game was going.

Coming out in the second half, things didn’t go as planned as not long into the half FC managed another goal. TFC didn’t let their heads drop though and the grind from all the players had us back in the game with a class finish from Will Mathews into the bottom left (not to mention the exquisite backheel assist to set him up from our French maestro). And it didn’t stop there, the boys continued to play great attacking football with great promise and with 3 minutes to go, Mackenzie provided a world-class volley to beat the keeper and have us up 3-2.

Final score 3-2. Great result from everyone and well celebrated afterwards!


2nd XI 5-4 NMIT

Location: Neal Park Goals: Own Goal, Issac Taylor, Gustavo Kruz, Duanne Valentine, Paddy Connor

Match MVP: Issac Taylor

It was a perfect day for football when the blue army marched onto Neale Park, confident to secure their second win of the season. The nets had seen better days but, after fifteen rolls of duct tape were thrown at them, the ref was satisfied and the game could commence.

The game started off well for the boys in lighter blue as a peach of a ball was curled in by Joe and headed home in spectacular fashion for an own goal by the NMIT defender. NMIT hit back soon after, taking a reasonably well-put-together goal with a finish that just ducked under the crossbar. Eric then barely touched their attacker in the box and conceded the penalty that they coolly slotted. 2-1 NMIT. What came next had the heart in the mouth of the only TFC supporter in attendance (Dave). On the edge of our box, Jamie fell awkwardly while trying to stop their striker, Will managed to deflect their first attempt but couldn’t keep the follow up out. 3-1 down and to rub salt into the wound our TFC magician needed to be carried off with what we hoped wasn’t a season-ending injury. The idyllic day was proving to be a tough one at the office. In a change of momentum, IT took the ball for a run and finished to put the light blues back in touch 3-2. For the final goal of the half, the light blues kept pushing and Gus convincingly finished a delightful chipped cross from Daz.

Heading into oranges we were 3-3 with plenty of work yet to be done. As Geeza expertly explained - we were going to need to use our heads if we wanted to get this one in the bag. Duanne took this literally, squeezing the ball home through a narrowing gap with an impressive diving header. Things were heading in the right direction… Then Paddy, who was also following Geeza’s directive, nodded home a fine header to put us up 5-3, all under control. Momentum then changed (after what appeared to be their keeper handling the ball outside the box): they countered swiftly and chipped the keeper to bring it back to a tight 4-5. Geeza promptly lost his head and managed to get himself a 10 min rest on the sideline for being cheeky. At this stage, we all decided to panic and used what little energy we had left to collectively run around like a peep of headless chickens. Jamie, deciding that we needed to be shocked back to our senses, somehow recovered from his early incident and joined the masses of panicking players with a return to play that was so shocking it made us panic even more. The only positive moment in the final 20 was when Irish, in one smooth movement, managed to remove his bib, discard the offside flag, step onto the pitch and head the ball. In what is said to be the ugliest 20 mins of football displayed by the blue army we ground out the win and were utterly relieved when the whistle blew for full time.


3rd XI 5-6 Rovers

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Sayha Men (2), Pedro Ivo (2), Diego Catto

Match MVP: Diego Catto

Not 'appy bout that, once again we went into the last ten 5-3 up.

It's a mind thing seeing out games: you don't have to run full bore you just have to jog back, recognise the danger, and get behind the ball.

Saying all that it was another great game for the fans....11 goals.

First half we had most of the play and scored first with Sayha, then they equalised. We kept at it, got on top, and scored another two (Pedro and Diego maybe) to finish 3-1 up at the half. We were playing well, we had a bit of a lapse for about 10 mins in the half, but apart from that, it was fine.

We started the second well but lost our 2 goal cushion when they put one past us. We came back at them and restored the 2 goal lead (Pedro). They pulled another back and Sayha got another to make it 5-4 with 10 mins to go. Then they got another 2 and with the last kick of the ball scored the winner.


Can't fault the effort, everybody left everything on the pitch. But we need to work on closing games down.

Man of the match: Diego, he scored a goal, cleared one off the line and even had handbags at 10 paces with one of our guys.

Next week we have Mapua, which could be the toughest team in our division.

Keep fighting guys, we will work out how shut down games.

We've scored 14 goals in 3 games.....that's pretty spesh.

See you at training.


4th XI 1-0 FC Nelson

Location: Victory Square

Goals: Scott Mackenzie

Match MVP: Jared Plummer

After a couple of disappointing weeks, the lads secured their first win of the season, with a well earned 1-0 victory over FC Nelson at Victory Square.

Given that it took us almost the whole season to secure our first and only win last season, this is a big boost for the team. The team started strongly, taking control of the game and limiting FC to quick breaks that were well handled by our defence. We took the lead when Jacob was unceremoniously dumped over in the box and Alistair stepped up to coolly place the ball past their keeper. This was the only goal of the half and for the second week in succession, the team took a 1-0 lead into the break.

After last week's second-half collapse, it was a surprise that there was no backslapping or celebrating of any kind. The team were quickly reminded that the game lasts for ninety minutes and that we had won nothing yet. A big effort would be required if we were to come away with the three points. The second half started with FC taking control of the opening ten minutes as they pushed for an equaliser. During this period they were awarded a dubious penalty as Shiv was adjudged to have fouled their striker. Their young striker, who Jared had in his pocket all day, was allowed out to take the penalty. Despite being given plenty of advice from Macca, on the art of penalty taking, he failed to put it past Zach who pulled off a great double save to keep the team in front. The lads managed to regain control of the game and saw it out for well-deserved win.

MOM - this was a tough decision as both Daniel and Shiv were terrific as a centreback pairing for us on the day. However, Jared had let their striker out of his pocket so that he could skulk off home, which was a stand out on the day.

As this was Jamie's last game before heading overseas, we bid him a fond farewell and wish him all the best on his travels. There will be a place in the team whenever you get back.

Up Up Tahuna!


Breakers 3-7 Wahine Toa

Location: Takaka Rec Park

Goals: Meagan Hayes, Monique Day, Lydia Bear, Amelia Law OG 🙃

Assists: Marissa Boivin, Meagan Hayes

Match MVP: Monique Day

One and twosies...

This one was a doozie

Three and four...

Wahine toa was out for war!

Since I wasn't allowed to sum this match up in four letters, alphabetically being cfku, I shall do so with the following script.

We thought it was to be a majestical day: blue skies shining down on the trip over and a bench of three. Well, proven wrong we were! Within the first 10 minutes, the Breakers found themselves 3 down. More choice letters in, of course, alphabetic order: ftw (if only!). Obviously much fitter than us beer heathens, the young strong women of Golden Bay ran through our backline more times than this keeper wants to remember. Adding insult to injury, by making me collect the ball from a swamp of a creek behind the net - I was at least a semi-useful ball-Bob. Memorable moments from the first half include a certain keeper doing a cast sheep impression while a beautiful blondie from the backline came into save the day (thanks Neets!) and Mon for scoring a stunner of an opening goal of the season!

Ethically produced glucose rations at halftime and a speech by our most confident Courtney, we were back on, this time at the dry end. Pulling our socks up (or taping them up) we managed to compose ourselves for a decent first part of the 2nd half. Control. Finesse. Agility. Sass. Some of these things, a little bit of other things... damn we fine... oh football. Ummm yes... Breakers were under fire again, corner after corner. Defence hugging those posts like no (wo)man before... until... dun da dah dah dun dun daaah (sorry not a star wars fan but imperial march me in guys)... an own goal. Sad face. Just about earning her the dunce shirt (sorry Meel's), but it was a freaking good shot nonetheless.

Memorable moments go to Lydia for an attempted on ya bike which ended up an "in ya boob" and a throw-in call to a player on the team but nowhere near the action earning Muzz the first slot in our newly formed "Tit of the Day" award. Meagan for countless penalties and corners with absolute skill, and Marissa and Lydia for a combined goal. Mich you were an absolute rock and most of the legs for the backline today, too.

Breakers are always about the fun and family foremost, with football a close third. Scorecards aside, we played our first full game of the season today, we might not have won, it might not have been our best, but we have a whole season ahead and it feels good to be a part of this team again! I think we can all agree that we did however win the best turnout and best dancers at the club party... Better luck next time boys!


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