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3 September 2022

Photos by Ab's Snaps Photography.


1st XI 0-5 Rangers Blenheim

Location: A&P Blenheim

Match MVP: Mitchel Winter

Don’t let the scoreline deceive you - the 1st division champions may have come away with a few goals and the win but not after a solid effort from the blue army.

It was a battle just to get a team on the field for this one, topped off by the kit being left on the curb outside the van as the lads sped off in excitement for a match over the hill. Luckily the kit and all of the players made it to Blenheim with no time to spare (one even making the drive from Bluff).

The first half was a tight affair with Rangers failing to find a way through a compact defensive unit and the blue army looking threatening on the counterattack. It was safe to say that everything wasn’t going to plan for the home side and the frustration was beginning to show. Unfortunately for the boys in blue, a passage of slick passing split the defence and put the Rangers striker through on goal. 1-0 at oranges but spirits were high.

Things began to open up a bit more later in the second half as the travelling legs tired. Tahuna managed to fashion a few chances of their own but Rangers showed their class and took their opportunities well. Special mention goes to Jack Hay for stepping into goal at late notice and making some great saves. A solid performance on and off the field bodes well for the young sparkie who made a great next step in his promising Tahuna FC career. MVP for the match was Mitchel Winter who was solid throughout the game and unleashed the physicality that has been brewing in the gym after many hours of pushing tin. Solid.

The ref was excellent and the game was played in good spirits which made it one of the most enjoyable of the season. It feels cliche to say but I guess cliches ring true for a reason - football felt like the winner on the day.

A final shoutout to everyone that banded together to make the trip and end the season on a high. A solid performance on the field and as always, an outstanding effort for the after-match and van trip home. Well done lads. Now, who wants to come to Picton this weekend?? Up up Tahuna!

Match report by Jesse.


2nd XI 3-0 Motueka 2nd XI (default)

Location: Neale Park

Match MVP: Tim Skinner

The sun was shining over Tahunanui as league winners Tahuna looked to put the disappointment of last week's cup exit behind them by winning the AR Hurst Plate Final (who even knew?!). Up against them, a plucky and spirited Motueka team determined to avoid a repeat of their last on-field encounter with Tahuna which saw them well beaten by 9 goals. So determined, in fact, they chose to forfeit the fixture altogether, staying in Mot and gifting Tahuna a 3-0 victory and another clean sheet for the Tahuna keeper 👏

Match report by Will.


3rd XI 2-1 Wakefield 2nd XI

Location: Wakefield Domain

Goals: Sayha Men, Isaac Wiffin

Match MVP: Luke Mincher

Super super super Sayha super Sayha super Sayha.

A lot of hard work got done out there today, We scored in the first half to go 1-0 up and owned most of the possession, we held a good shape and coms were pretty good, we subbed well to give guys a breather and were sitting pretty.

2nd half got a bit twitchy because they came back at us quite hard and scored with about half an hour left 1-1. They kept us under it for quite a while but we soaked up the pressure and kept in the game. We had the hunger and weren't rolling over this close to a cup final. Despite being under it we got a few breaks on them but didn't have the luck........and maybe the quality to turn them into goals. Mark got onto a ball near the end and chipped the keeper but it was just tipped over the bar. Then, in the dying seconds, Sayha got onto a ball and took it into their box and......I gotta say he took a lot of time before he stroked it past their keeper 2-1. Seconds after the restart the ref blew for time. Sensationally exciting end to a semi-final.

The 4ths were playing their semi-final on the next pitch and they won too. I got to see them score a few as I munted my leg with 20mins to go and yet again I've got injured in a semi-final and won't play the final. But hey, you guys will bring me a winners medal and hold me up while I lift the cup.

But seriously we are short of players......desperately short.

But let's get back on today's vibe Super super super Sayha super Sayha super Sayha.

Special thanks to Gaz for not getting sent off.....a quiet game by his standards and the 2nds for coming and supporting us. Yeah bwouy Tahuna.

Player of the day, Luke Mincher for sound defence and consistentcy in the back line. Great to see you've found your long boot again on the goal kicks! Whole team deserves it because we got Sayha into that finishing position. But Sayha pulled it out of bag just when we needed it. Nice One Bruvva.

Lets see a good turn out at practice......I'll be there on crutches winding you all up.

Great job fellas.

Match report by Cole.


4th XI 3-1 Wakefield 3rd XI

Location: Wakefield Domain

Goals: Alistair Wright (2), Jacob Griffin

Match MVP: Banic Hall

Finals weekend here we come. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that this bunch of "has-beens and wannabe's" would turn from the League's whipping boys to Cup Finalist at the end of the season. Don't get me wrong, this is well deserved and this "ragtag" bunch have put in vastly improved performances this second half of the season.

First half started well for the team as we continued to play the passing game we have adopted over the season and to be fair, we were playing them off the park. A number of chances came and went and unfortunately a mix up at the back allowed their striker to nip in and poke the ball past Zach to give Wakefield an undeserved lead, which they held onto until the break. The goal affected our rhythm and for the second part of that first half we were a shadow of ourselves, so the break came at a good time.

Half time, no need to panic, let's get back to the passing game we had in the first 25 minutes of the game and if we can do that, the goals and win would come.

Second half saw the team return to our normal game and as expected the goals came. Two from Alistair and one from Jacob, saw the lads come away with a well deserved victory and a cup final to look forward to next weekend.

It has been great to see this team progress over the weeks and a Cup Final next week is the just reward for a lot of hard work. We take on the young Suburbs Nayland team and to be fair we will be the underdogs, however, that tag sits well with us and we just have to go out there and play our normal game. We are a vastly improved side from our last encounter with them and there is no reason why we can't spring another upset and come away with the trophy.

MOM - this was a tough call as there were so many good performances, however Banic got the nod and well deserved too.

Enjoy the victory boys, get down to training and get ready for next Saturday. Bring it on. Good luck to our thirds, who also qualified for their final and let's see if we can make it a double success.

Up Up Tahuna.

Match Report by Pete.


Breakers 2-2 Suburbs Swans

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Meagan Hayes, Sophie Mathews

Match MVP: Marissa Boivin

Lads and ladettes, Bob's got a treat for you this week! With the poetic skills of a walnut, here we are, attempting an acrostic poem-ish thing that would surely put any three year old to shame...

T-rain station, yep back at home turf for this weekend's match vs top of the table Swans. Absolutely beautiful conditions for football, a pristine pitch and maybe a bit too much heat in that sunshine.

A-lan, the ref, our knight in shining pink armour with trusty linesmen borrowed from Richmond - thank you all, we very rarely get spoiled like this.

H-oes, all 16 of them. The whole team turned out for this game, probably our best attendance yet!

U-mmmmm... umbrella... oh wait, underwear! Marama, I'm looking at you!

N-erves, plenty of these!

A-nd we're off!

B-uzzing with excitement, the ladies were happy to be back into it after two weeks of the pitches being closed. A tough game to come back to, but after a successful 2nd half of the season we were up to the challenge.

R-eady for action, both the Swans and Breakers seemed evenly matched for the first 30. Both teams managed several attempts on goal, all were well defended.

E-nergetic subs helped us maintain a solid attack throughout the game, with everyone giving 110%.

A-musing the sideline (and panicking the backline) Bob tried a new move and instead of picking the ball up, received it along the ground and played it out to unsuspecting Anita - luckily we must have confused the opposition too as the brain-fart-of-a-move had no ill effect.

K-iller moves from Meagan saw the Breakers score the opening goal, unfortunately, it was deemed offside (our first/only offside goal this season I think).

E-ager to grab another (this time on side), attack pushed forward and got hungry. An almost goal from a corner, but unfortunately a scuffle in the goal box had Ma unable to move freely and tap one in.

R-amping up the attack, the Swans made our backline and Bob work hard to keep the ball out of our net. A slow motion kick from afar went up and over everyone's heads and gave the opposition the first official goal of the match.

S-econd half looming, and the Breakers only trailing by 1, it was still anyone's game to win.

R-icocheting into the goal, only just hitting the inside of the post on the right angle, the Swans sunk a ball early in the 2nd half. Our own attempts by Jenna at a similar move wasn't as fortunate, instead hitting just outside of the post.

U-ndeterred by this lucky shot, the TFC gals managed to keep most of the action away from our own goal for the remainder of the 2nd half. Plenty of control, passing, and excellent football especially in the midfield! A solid shot to the face sent Sophie to the ground, then sideline, before returning to the pitch and promptly taking revenge in the form of our first goal. Meagan secured the 2nd not too long after, putting us at 2 all.

L-ots of action in the final 15 minutes of the game at the Swans end of the pitch, it's a miracle (for them!) that none of the copious attempts on goal made it in.

E-nd result, a 2 all draw, which we celebrated like a win! The Breakers have been slowly whittling away at the goal differential vs Swans this season, going from a 5 nil loss at the start of the season, to a very respectable draw in the final meet-up.

Player of the day went to Marissa for commanding the midfield (and centreback!) like a boss and putting her whole body into stopping and controlling every ball that was sent her way.

Tit of the team went to Courtney (or did I get the spelling wrong, Courtenay?). Anyway, one of them tried bulk-subbing while the ball was still in play, the other started praying in the box once the equalising goal was made. One of them needs the shirt more than the other tho 😉

Final game of the season vs the Richmond Huskies this weekend, supporters and chilly bin aficionados welcome!

Match Report by Bob.


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