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10 September 2022


3rd XI 0-1 Suburbs Rovers

Location: Saxton

Match MVP: Diego Catto


4th XI 2-3 Nayland

Location: Saxton

Goals: Josh, Alistair Wright

Match MVP: Shiv Narayan

So near and yet so far, the 4ths came so close to causing the upset of the season in the 5th Division Cup Final and to be fair, no-one would have begrudged them the win.

The team played out of their skins and for large parts of the game played the type of football that got us to this stage. Unfortunately, the young legs of the Nayland side took it's toll and they finished the stronger team.

The 4ths deservedly took the lead midway through the first half when Josh coolly slotted the ball past the advancing keeper when put through. The lads were giving as good as they got and surprised the young Nayland side, who may have thought they were in for a comfortable afternoon. They did equalise when they caught us on the break, however, the Tahuna fighting spirit kicked in and just before half time we took the lead again. A freekick on the edge of the box, originally I thought "The Ref" had given a penalty, was lined up by Alistair and he fair wellied it past their keeper, who was blocked by the "Macca" wall. 2-1 at half time to your local heroes.

We knew the Nayland side would come at us in the second half, however we had the opportunities to go 3-1 up, which may have killed the game off. With the game drawing to a close and the boys visibly tiring, Nayland snatched an equaliser with about ten minutes to go. Now it was about hanging on, could we take them to penalties. With time all but up, a deep cross found one of the Nayland players at the far post and he rose above our defence to head pass Zach for a gut-wrenching winner, with virtually the last touch of the match.

The lads should hold their heads high as, although it was a gutting end to the season, the second half of the season had been a ball. The team finally started to click and was unrecognisable from the ragtag bunch that started the season. In the final they showed the true Tahuna Spirit and the club should be proud of their achievement.

It's been a blast team and a huge thank you to each and every one of you involved with the team. Who knows what next season will bring but I hope to see the majority again wearing the Tahuna Jersey in some form.

Finally MOM in the final went to Shiv, who has been immense for us this season. Well done mate.

For the final time Up Up Tahuna, see you all at the Prize Giving

Match Report by Pete.


Breakers 4-1 Richmond Huskies

Location: Avery

Goals: Amelia Law (2), Shannon Smith (2)

Match MVP: Everyone (Sam we'll be round for our free drinks this week!)

What do you call a patch of grass with an empty metal structure at either end, some weed-killered lines, and nothing in the corners? A football pitch, duh! Barely scraping together a team, and with the end of season very apparent from the number of braces, tape, and drugs present, the Breakers took to the Avery for the final match of the season vs the Richmond Huskies.

Missing almost our entire midfield, plenty of promotions to willing victims were dished out. Turns out our gals are pretty versatile, with the likes of "will-win-the-ball-at-all-costs" Michelle absolutely destroying it in midfield, showing commitment and dedication to the cause as per usual.

Super-Bootay-Girl Amelia also went for a twirl in mid, sending ball after ball sky high.... and over the crossbar... surely we can get a conversion or something for this? She managed to stay cool and tuck our two free shots off the penalty spot into the net just left of the keeper.

Hospo-honey Keryn spent the day face-to-face with the Huskies keeper, and almost had her 2nd goal of the season, but must have had too many weetbix for breaky as she sent it to the clouds.

Miss Marama "always bring the right undies" and "what kind of drugs haven't I taken today" spent the day sprinting up and down the left, and despite being unwell, could still probably outrun anyone on the team. In a "run-Marama-run" move, she tried to score through the goalie, but even legs eleven can't get a ball through a brick wall.

Super-Shan, one of our remaining midfielders, also got a promo on the day: to striker - this paid off as she got two past the keeper in the 2nd half.

Babe-Ruth probably ran a half marathon on right wing, we watched her terrorising the Huskies goal, then coming back to defend, then going back to attack x100 on repeat - she probably went for a run after the game too!

Proving that sport-skirts mean business Mon kept it cool in attack, 1-2ing with Shan, and kept negotiations civil by passing the ball to the keeper and making sure everyone stayed involved.

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, but keep your hands in your pants, Anitadidn'tgetahandballorfoulthisgame! (See I told you I was no good a poetry).

Hallelujah it's Hazel is what runs through our minds as we see her chasing down her prey. She might look small, but boy can she fly! The only person who could even dream of matching the pace of that #5, she did an amazing job of keeping her at bay.

Rowing coach by morning, right back by arvo, Kylie kept the chat up and offered enthusiastic encouragement from the back. Always waiting for the right moment to strike, her Cobra-like reflexes cut off many attempted attacks and sent the ball back up the field.

Perhaps the biggest promo, if I do say so myself, was Bob getting to play striker for the last 10 minutes of the game. Also a treat for the spectators, getting to watch Bob and Kylie strip on the pitch and swap shirts. Somehow I think Kylie saw more action in the last few minutes than I did all game, but she handled it like a boss!

Even Coach-Court suited up, braced up, and stepped up to the challenge when tired legs needed a rest. Throwing it back to 2021, and a trip down memory lane, the other half of the Shantney (or is it Cournnon?) duo has still got the moves.

Oh, and how did the actual game go? Huskies snuck one in during the first half, we had a sheet-load of shots but went to oranges down 1 - 0. Breakers did the Harlem Shuffle and got 2 back plus 2 penalties off handballs, making the end score 4 - 1 to us!

Tit of the team was awarded before the game even started, for forgetting the kit was in the back of her car all week! Thanks Amelia for owning up and washing it on Friday night, we definitely did not want to wear week-old stink 😅

Cheers Breakers for an incredible season full of the usual challenges, fun, friendship and football. See you all at prizegiving, on the summer pitch, or perhaps at the sprig for a cold one!

Match Report by Bob.


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