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6 August 2022

Some photos by Ab's Snaps Photography.


2nd XI 1-2 FC Loco Steamers

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Joe Walton

Match MVP: Gary Walker

It was supposed to be a beautiful afternoon with Tahuna having the chance to claim the League title. Instead, a howling wind had turned up along with a few hardcore fans to see if Tahuna could finally score against a defiant Loco team who had proved to be a match for our boys this season resulting in 2 previous goalless draws.

With the wind behind them, a fast start for the boys in blue nearly resulted in that sought-after goal with Daz clipping the post after some fine play down the left had put him through. This proved to be the closest Tahuna got to an early goal despite some good football and continued dominance. The pressure finally told though with Joe smashing a ball through a crowded box following a corner. A second and third goal should have followed but instead a Loco breakaway and surprisingly absent offside flag (Gus) meant the teams went into half-time level.

And so, to the second half kickoff…. with the title on the line, it was time to be brave…. a time for heroes…. a time for someone to step up and take control of the game…. Instead, Daz happened. Instead of the traditional pass back, Daz went for the swan dive over the ball, WTF!!!

Even with the wind firmly against them now, Tahuna still bossed the ball, but no end product meant the pressure was on. Loco were battling to keep their season alive and their back line, bolstered with 1st team players was hard to break down. The breakthrough came but unfortunately it came at the wrong end with a scrappy goal to Loco. Despite Tahuna throwing everything at them in the last 15 minutes, no clear cut chances followed and a disappointing and undeserved 1-2 loss was the final result.

So on to next week and the final league game, with 1 more win needed to take the league.

Match report by Gary Walker.


4th XI 1-1 Wakefield 3rd XI

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Scott "Macca" Mackenzie

Match MVP: Scott "Macca" Mackenzie

For the second week in a row, the 4ths took on Wakefield, which for both was their last League game of the season and with both teams looking at a 4th place finish. This time we had them at "our place", otherwise known as "Train Station Park"

We started well into the wind but, like last week, weren't making the most of the chances we created and as luck would have it, Wakefield took the lead from a corner. From my position, it looked like it was direct from the corner but a wee voice at halftime indicated that Jarod actually got a touch and deflected the ball in at the near post. Back to zero for the season Jarod. That was the only scoring of the first half.

Second half continued in much the same vein as the first, with the local team dominating possession and pushing for an equaliser. After a number of close calls we were awarded a fairly soft penalty for a hand ball in the box and up stepped Macca, in Alistair's absence, to slot the ball in past the keepers flailing dive. game on.

This goal urged the boys on further and chance after chance went begging, until finally we got awarded another, more clear cut penalty for a trip on Daniel. Up stepped Macca again, same place unfortunately not the same result, as the ball struck the post and got cleared away (Macca also on zero for the season now). Despite continuing to create scoring opportunities and being denied at least one more penalty, we were unable to find a winner and the game ended one apiece.

The team was gutted as we assumed that FC would dispose of Golden Bay and steal fourth place from our grasp, however our friends from over the hill produced a bit of an upset, beating FC 1-0, leaving us in the much valued 4th spot.

This might not mean much to most but given the inequality in the League, we effectively had two mini Leagues of a top three and a bottom four. Our aim was to win that bottom four competition, which we did.

Well done team and the improvement in the side from last season is huge. 3 wins and 3 draws is probably more than we hoped for in those opening weeks and all down to some hard graft and a willingness to continue to play proper football. It paid off in the end.

Cup game next up against "The Stags", and an upset is not off the cards.

MOM - Macca (His best game of the season)

Special mention to Taylah's Dad, Ben who has refed us on a number of occasions this season and has been much appreciated.

Match Report by Pete.


Breakers 4-0 Motueka Angels

Location: Memorial Park

Goals: Meagan Hayes (3), Marama Garland

Match MVP: Jenna Lyall

"Adulting is a lot like flying a helicopter... I don't know how to do either" - Anita Stanbridge, 8 Aug 2022.

Luckily, the Breakers have a firm grasp on the joystick that is football! Another superb result from the weekend, smiles all around, and the winner on the day was women's football (and if we are counting, the TFC Breakers woo!). New socks, who dis? Thanks to some fabulous fundraising efforts, the calves (and knees) of the Tahuna ladies were looking sharp in sky blue, at least until the mud got to them. To be fair, most of you were still looking like fine ass bananas in pajamas by the end of the match, and only with the help of "this is my swamp" Bob, did you truly get to experience the natural benefits of wet dirt.

The theme of the game: Ya'll ever tried to run on a water bed while simultaneously being steamrolled by a bumble bee as you both tried to chase a small round object? Welcome to Motueka's Memorial Park. A grudge match with both teams having won an encounter each this season, and both teams sitting on 10 points, the Breakers knew they had to dig deep and bring home the bacon. The first half was well fought by both sides, perhaps slightly more play in the Motueka end but attempts on both goals were well defended by all.

Halftime rolled around and the score was still 0 - 0. Switching ends now gave the attack an advantage with slightly more grass than mud, as Bob and the defence settled into the claggiest of conditions. Very early in the 2nd half, the Breakers were again proud as punch as Marama scored her first goal of the season and declared open season on the bumble bees. And if you will all cast your minds back a few weeks to a challenge that was laid down, a hat trick in one half... well, I'll see that challenge and raise you one because lads and ladies she's done it again - Meagan you'd give those boys a run for their money! 2 - nil just 5 minutes into the 2nd half, the combined efforts of Ma, Meagan, Mon and Mot then rocketed the score to 4 - 0 where it remained until the final whistle, despite some very close calls and praise for the extra defence and handbrake abilities of the mud. Also, dirty keepers = clean sheets, so long as they remember to shower twice.

Player of the day went to Jenna for a very solid game on the wing, making excellent passes and plays and being aggressive just like Alan told us to!

Tit of the team was not awarded this weekend, but debates about a drop-kick-ball to the back of Anita's head being in the running were definitely had... not naming anyone here haha.

Match Report by Bob.


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