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13 August 2022


1st XI 3-0 FC Nelson Karenni

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Tim Morozgalski, Seth Watson (2)

Match MVP: Jack Keogan

The sun was shining on a beautiful winter’s day in Nelson and the scene was set to go one-up on FC Karenni for the season, having one win a piece from the previous two encounters during the league season.

The game started off an even affair, with both teams strong on the ball and testing the respective keepers. Karenni were showing their usual attacking flair and displaying some slick footwork that would not have looked out of place on the dance floor. However, the deadlock was soon broken by Tahuna, with a lofty cross-field pass from centreback Nua finding the surging run of winger Tim Morozgalski who calmly slotted a low and hard shot past the goalie - it was a classy finish that the keeper could only watch and admire.

The mighty TFC struck again in front of a rapturous home crowd, with star striker Seth Watson getting onto the end of another well placed through-ball before knocking it over the advancing keeper. Seth scored again not long after, getting his noggin onto a well placed cross and sending the Tahuna faithful into euphoria. The lads were on fire! 3-0 up to the blue army, which is how it stayed until oranges.

The second half was a more tense affair, with Karenni pressing hard to get back into the game and the lads doing their best to shut down and contain the free-flowing attacks. Mackenzie Manaton provided fresh legs up front and a re-shuffle was required when Nua was forced to leave the field with an injury. Captain Josh Johnston dropped into centre back and the ever-energetic Munzie slotted into the midfield.

The fresh legs served the lads well and there were a few close chances in the second half before the final substitution took place and el president Jesse Wilson made his return to the football field after a year-long injury. The result was all but secured by then but left wing cameo still gave the fans plenty to cheer about (rumours have it that some of them may have been paid to be there) including an attempted lob of the keeper and far post block to deny Karenni a consolation goal.

Man of the match went to Jack Keogan for a solid performance where he put himself about all over the park and got stuck into everything. A great win and now a LOT of excitement about an away trip to Blenheim for the semi-final. The cup run continues! Up up Tahuna!!

Match report by Mackenzie & Jesse


2nd XI 9-0 Motueka 2nd XI

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Garry Clarke, Gary Walker, Duane Valentine, Jamie Floyd (2), Gus Cruz, Isaac Taylor, Ed Johnstone, Dan Smith

Match MVP: Ed Johnstone

The boys in blue were excited for the conclusion of the league and a must-not-lose game against a team who had threatened not to even show up (even though Garry's worst weapon against them was a monkeypox ridden pus-filled elbow). The boys were glad the lads in yellow made the trip over as a default 3-0 win was converted into an on the pitch and well deserved 9-0 victory to crown us champions!

The game flowed with Tahuna in control, with large gaps being created in the Mot midfield and down their defensive lines, made even easier in the 2nd half when Sam's dirty whisperings to the Mot striker got too much for him and he was sent off for flattening an entirely innocent Gary from a corner.

Woodwork rattled a few times including from Duane, IT, Ed, Dan and Gary. Eric unfortunately being denied a deserved smash-in from 2 yards out after Duane was judged to have played his slick through ball with his hand. Gus managed to miss from a yard out when it was easier to score, but also looked sharp and dangerous throughout.

Too many goals to list with eight different lads on the score sheet but some key highlights include Garry blasting a rocket on the turn into the top right corner to get us going, some incisive one-two hot action between Duane and Jamie, IT stealing a perfect Gary cross/shot to head in at the back post, and Dan rifling in a late one to cap off a crowd pleasing performance from the team.

Will had an absolute howler in goal and didn't even bother to make a single save to clinch his club golden gloves of the season award for most clean sheets. Solid.

Comedy moment of the day (as sponsored by Dazza) - Jamie managing to deny himself a hattrick by falling down to sunbathe on the beach by the penalty spot instead of scoring.

Man of the day - Landlord Sam shouting the whole squad a round at the pub.

Man of the season goes to IT's Dad for unstinting support week in week out. Team legend. Probably deserves more than $10 off a Sal's pizza.

Man of the match - Ed, but could have been anyone, and taken on behalf of the whole team

Cameo of the day - Kev for playing the last 10 and not injuring any more ligaments

Dick of the day - Gus for missing an open goal

Winner of the day - Football

Match report by Ed


3rd XI 1-2 Wakefield 2nd XI

Location: Ngawhatu Reserve

Goals: Adam Crichton

Match MVP: Ollie Tissington


4th XI 1-0 Richmond Stags

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Alistair Wright

Match MVP: Zach Wistrand

A great win for your local favourites, with quite possibly the upset of the season to progress into the semi final of the 5th Div Cup.

The first half was a fairly even affair, however an error from the Richmond keeper saw him kick the ball straight to Alistair, who dispatched into the net from 25 yards out with a bit of a toe poke to see the 4ths take a 1-0 lead to the break. The team defended very well in the first half, restricting the team to shots from outside the box, which were easily dealt with by Zach. It would take a similar effort in the second half, as we have been here before with the Stags only to be well beaten.

The team fronted up in the second half as the expected Stags onslaught began but they didn't create many clear cut chances. Try as they may, they couldn't break down a resilient Tahuna defensive display and it was the local side who probably created the best opportunity with Keris breaking free down the right wing. A cross to a couple of waiting players, rather than a shot, might have resulted in a second goal for the team but as it was, it wasn't required. The team held on to their one goal half time advantage for a memorable win, one that was much celebrated.

Great work team and well deserved and onto a semi final date with Wakefield, one we are more than capable of winning.

Man of the match was a tough call with so many great performances, however Zach was outstanding between the posts and won the vote.

Up Up Tahuna - All the way to the Final

Match Report by Pete


Breakers 3-2 Mapua Cougars

Location: Mapua Domain

Goals: Meagan Hayes, Shannon Smith, Marama Garland

Match MVP: Marama Garland

Are quotes our new thing? Should we make it a thing? Nothing is safe from the ears of Bob, so this week's slightly puzzling quote: "The ball is where the juice is" - Marama Garland, @ Arden while enjoying a cocktail.

Ahhh Mapua, a place of abundance... abundant sunshine, abundant goals, abundant subs and abundant smiles. But don't stare too long at the bright ball in the sky or you'll end up dazed and confused. Which is quite possibly how Meagan managed to slip a ball past the Cougars' keeper in record time - less than a minute by my count! If the Breakers needed any more motivation for the game, this was definitely it. A usually strong Mapua team, left scratching their heads within 60 seconds was a shock for all, except maybe Meagan's parents who I'm sure have seen it all before.

An action packed first half had spectators on the edges of their camp chairs, with the Breakers forwards keeping Mapua well busy. Plenty of corners, some Bend It Like Beckham moments (which should have resulted in a goal) and the usual excellent passing and skilled football moves were sure to enthral. The Breakers backline wasn't left standing with their hands in their pockets though, with Amelia clearing copious balls back up to the front (and often all the way to their keeper), and the likes of Mich and Hazel chasing down the Cougars at Jaguar speed, right into the den of sweeper-keeper Bob.

Halftime saw the Breakers 1 up, with neither team scoring in the other 44 minutes. The second half saw even more action than the first, and action that resulted in numbers on the game card. Shannon's goal is one we will all remember, seemingly coming from nowhere, but in fact standing a 3rd of the way down the pitch she pulled back the slingshot and let fly a ball that would leave any keeper wondering where the heck that came from! A solid cross from Jenna right to Marama, who tickled it round the keeper and ran it into the back of the net was the 3rd and final goal for the Breakers. Mapua managed to sneak two into our own net, leaving a slightly panicked backline but composure and perfect forethought kept further balls from heading in as both Hazel and Amelia became back up goal keepers. (Bob may have dropped a knee - you better get her down the aisle quick smart Reece!)

A final score of 3 - 2 to the Breakers, in a tough game vs the currently 2nd place Cougars. Thanks to Michael Burt for reffing, our supporters from near and far, and to coach Court for actually coming back from Canada - we missed you!

Player of the day went to Marama for her hunger, speed, and 2nd goal of the season.

Tit of the team went to Monique, who might need a lesson in sign language as the "OK" sign is not quite what she was signalling for on the pitch.

In true Breakers fashion, the fun doesn't end at the field - the ladies switched boots and headed to Nelson for a night of Thai food, cocktails, creme brulee and howling at the moon. Awoooooooo.

Match Report by Bob


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