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28 May 2022

Photos (as noted) by Ab's Snaps. For more match-day pics join the Facebook Group. To purchase photos or request your own photos at the next game contact Abbi Robinson.


1st XI 3-3 Motueka

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Tim Morozgaliski (1), Josh Johnston (1), Jack Keogan

Match MVP: Isaac Taylor

Saturday was a big day for the first div side for many reasons. The last couple of weeks have seen some average performances and disappointing results and we were looking to get the season back on track with a crucial 3 points. But just as importantly, it saw Uiki coach against his former club for the first time and the boys were fired up to get the result for him.

Tahuna are traditionally slow out the gate, and almost conceded a goal before even touching the ball. From there the lads settled into the contest and started to do a better job controlling possession. The work paid off early when a long ball from Josh Johnston was lofted over the Motueka backline into the path of Tim, who calmly dinked the ball over the advancing goalie.

Being used to having to come from behind, it was somewhat unfamiliar territory for the lads. Unfortunately, Mot quickly got back into their work and rattled off three quick goals to snatch a 3-1 lead heading into halftime. While the scoreline didn't look great, the football being played was promising and there was plenty of belief in the side that a second half comeback was on the cards.

The second 45 was some of the best footy played all season. We did a much better job matching the physicality Mot always bring to the table, starting to dominate possession and creating chances. When a penalty was awarded there was little surprise when Josh Johnston stepped forward to take it, and even less surprise when he calmly side-footed it into the bottom right corner. Soon after, Jack latched onto a ball delivered from the left by Mitch Winter and with pinpoint accuracy drilled it straight into the thigh of a defender, expertly wrong footing the goalie as the ball deflected into the net.

The final 20 or so minutes saw both sides pushing hard for a winner. Both teams had their chances to seal a dramatic win, but a couple of key late saves from Will Murphy and a couple of near misses at the other end saw the game finish 3-3. While the boys were after three points, to come back into the game and secure a draw was a big effort and something to build on as we look for an improved second half of the season.

Man of the match was Isaac Taylor who came up from seconds to slot into a starting spot in midfield. He was an absolute machine for the full 90 minutes, working hard and creating chances. Munzie also had his best game for Tahuna, and took an absolute beating for his efforts.

Finally just a massive shout out to all players that have stepped up from seconds and thirds to play for us when we have needed you this season. Once again, on Saturday we had to call up players to give us a hand as we were shorthanded, and as you all have so far this season, every single one of you that played for us put in a great performance and added something during your time on the pitch.


2nd XI 1-1 Suburbs FC Seals

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Jack Keogan

Match MVP: Gary Walker

Saturday's 1pm kick-off saw Tahuna take on Suburbs Seals in a home game at the Tahunanui Playing Fields. The starting line-ups for both teams heavily changed from the 3-3 draw between the teams on the opening day of the season, and thankfully without the wind they experienced on our previous matchday weekend.

The game started brightly and saw the first half played in favour of the home side. The return of club stalwart, Garry Clarke, to the backline after multiple injury setbacks allowed Tahuna to switch to a back four and saw them playing out from the back and linking play nicely up the field throughout the opening period. Seals, for the most part, allowed Tahuna time on the ball and almost ended up costing them, the home side having a few narrow offside calls go against them, and Paddy Connor having an excellent chance following a low cross from captain Geeza Harding. Seals defended well as a unit and kept chances for the home team to a minimum despite Tahuna having the bulk of the possession.

Seals scored first against the run of play, with a free-kick from just outside the Tahuna penalty box, awarded after the ball was judged to have struck Garry Clarke's hand as he slid in. The kick was well hit, curling around the wall and striking the inside of the post before rebounding off the Tahuna keeper and into the net.

The goal briefly took the wind out of Tahuna’s sails and shortly after were lucky not to go further behind, with keeper Will Murphy making up for the disappointment of conceding the unfortunate opener by saving smartly after the Seals striker was played through one on one.

The introduction of Gary Walker and, at half-time, further fresh legs in the way of returning midfield maestro Ed Johnson, saw Tahuna crank up the pressure on Seals with several chances falling our way, the best of which fell to substitute Jack Keogan, who was unable to tuck them away. Midway through the half, Jack's determination to get on the end of a through ball or create a chance for himself paid off when he collected the ball and fired past the Seals keeper to tie the game at 1-1.

The game then kicked into high gear, with both clubs desperate for a victory. Play swung back and forth, but aside from right at the death where Geeza chose to shoot high and over when perhaps better placed to lay it off, no real clear chances presented themselves. In the end, as much as we would like it to be otherwise, a draw was probably a fair result. Tahuna had good possession, with some nice passing, but ultimately lacked that killer instinct in front of goal and looked a little unbalanced in formation, for which you could point to a few injury-enforced substitutions at the back and the absence of striker Darren Fitzgerald, who has been on a warm-weather winter training break in Fiji.

This division appears to be evenly balanced, with all teams capable of defeating each other. Three teams are tied for first place, separated only by goal difference. Tahuna remains the league's only unbeaten team, but it's clear that we need to start turning these draws into wins in order to pull ahead at the top. Up, up Tahuna!


3rd XI 4-4 Bogans

Location: Jubilee Park

Goals: Matt Ayloff (1), Sayha Men (1), Issac Wiffin (1), Matt Wakeford(1)

Match MVP: Kyle Borlase

Wooohooo another awesome game for the fans.

Dunno where to begin......try the kick off...should have scored from that move. We had 3 good breaks where we got behind their defence in the first 10 mins and didn't score. Then to add insult to injury, they scored 2. The first was a hoof out of their defence and their forward timed his run well and stuck it past Ollie. Can't remember the other one. Then Matty-A stepped onto a set up by Pedro (he's claimed it and I don't remember the assists) and smashed it into the top corner, proper sting proper curl, that lifted us and brought us out of the shock of going 2 down and we finished the half getting back at them.

Oh dear ...........There was some comical shit going on with the 4th goal they put past us, yeah there was a number 3 five minutes before number was painful to watch....but kinda funny too......Ollie n Mark.....that's all I'm saying.

So it looked pretty grim and frustrating and for us - a new experience never having been 4-1 down this season. But we're Tahuna, and we don't give up until that final whistle blows.

We got on top of them and put 3 past them in the last 20 mins. Peds has claimed all the assists and I'm claiming the pre assists getting it to him.....sorry that's not a thing is it? So our second goal was a nice through ball to Sayha who picked it up and put it in the back of their net. 3rd goal, Issak got free on the right and lobbed the keeper. 4th I didn't see it coz I subbed myself off after missing a header from a perfect near-post corner. While I was walking off, we got a corner or something, and Matt scored 4-4. Not long after the ref blew time and we got a draw, I'm a bit down that we didn't tuck away in the first 10 mins but I'm way happier about the comeback, 'cause that's spesh.

Man of the Match: Kyle ( coz it's the worst job out there, playing and making the subs at the same time and doing them both well. Great job)........what........the beer.........nah that's way gone.

Assists: Pedro 4 ( if anyone out there knows any different say so in the comments and you can go handbags at 10 paces with Pedro).

Great job guys.

Queens birthday next week do we want a friendly Tahuna interclub game. I'll start a rumour to see who's keen.


4th XI 3-3 Golden Bay

Location: Takaka Rec Ground

Goals: Steve Woodfine (1), Daniel Hall (1), Thomas Holand (1)

Match MVP: Thomas Holand

Once again, the 4th team struggled to put a team together as covid, injuries and unavailability to travel put the pressure on us to assemble a squad. Thankfully, some last minute confirmations and call-ins, meant we could head over the hill with some subs for what resulted in a fun day of football.

We managed to take the lead 10 minutes in after a cross was left to bounce across the box by both attack and defence alike, to which Woody got a leg on to it at the far post to make it 1 nil to us. However, this did not discourage the Bay in the slightest, and they came backing fighting, forcing a corner. The curving ball taking Zach off guard, and we could only watch as the ball bounced out of his grip and into the net equalizing the score.

Heads held high we charged back in with Daniel scooping up the ball after a Golden Bay error and going for a great run before putting the ball away in our opponent’s goal giving us the lead again. Keeping the pressure on them not 5 minutes later a handball resulted in a penalty for us. Unfortunately, we failed to capitalise on this opportunity with Macca’s outside of the foot shot just grazing the outside of the post. But emotions were positive as we went into the break with the lead.

Going into the second half, an unfortunate handball resulted in a penalty to Golden Bay, to which their player put right into the bottom corner using the inside of his foot (Macca take note). Fighting hard we held off Bay’s constant attacks and late in the half we managed to gain the lead once again after a cross from Keris managed to find Thomas who then expertly put the ball into the back of the net.

Minutes later we had another breakthrough in which Thomas was wiped out by their keeper with us expecting to hear a whistle, but nothing came of it. A brilliant long shot from Daniel came very close to putting us ahead for the fourth time but their keeper just managed to get a hand to it.

Fatigue due to lack of subs was now taking its toll and the Bay counterattack was swift with their young strikers managing to get through our exhausted defensive line, to level up the game. Minutes later the full-time whistle blew.

Easily our best played game of the season in which the result should have gone our way but happy to take the points we got. MVP this week goes to Thomas for running for every moment he was on the field, filling in multiple positions while others rested and coming away with a goal and assist.

Big thanks to Golden Bay for having us and for putting on food and refreshments afterwards.

Goals: Woody 1, Daniel 1, Thomas 1

Assists: Thomas 1, Keris 1


Breakers 1-5 Mapua Cougars

Location: Mapua Domain

Goals: Shannon Smith

Match MVP: Marama Garland

This weekends game saw us heading to Mapua to take on the Cougars. Now the Cougars are known for their aggressive prowess, and this was apparent from the outset, as somehow they managed to have a stacked attacking formation along with a rather strong backline. Well and truly living up to our name, the Breakers had a match to remember. The girls battled hard, and even though the results weren't in our favour, this was definitely our second best game of the season! The below quote stolen from the interwebs sums up the match well:

“Football is all very well a good game for rough girls, but not for delicate boys.” - Oscar Wilde

We had almost an excess of subs this game, so the girls weren't afraid to give it their all and know that a rest would be available should they need it. But like toy soldiers, we fell down one by one and the subs disappeared. No less than three Breakers ended up injured, frustrated, and sitting on the sideline all within the first 30. The first decent injury of the season goes to Lydia with a suspected torn ACL - hopefully not a season-ending injury! Not long after Lydia's injury, another Breaker was on the ground. No man nor ball could take her out, but all by herself (and her own admission) Paula managed to fracture two bones in her foot. Tough as nails, she even attended the post-match debrief (priorities!) and drove herself home.

In a tough first half, Mapua forced us to play their game, dragged us out of position to try cover the excess of attacking players, and slotted two goals. Returning after half time, the Breakers thought we had it sussed. Switching up the midfield and pulling back an extra defensive recruit, we seemed to have them covered. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, defensively and distraction wise, they were able to get another two into the net.

Providing entertainment for our sideline supporters, second half highlights include Sophie ending up on the ground while trying to control the ball, before looking back over her shoulder with a glisten in her eye that screamed "paint me like one of your French girls". And taking note from last week, Keryn attempted to control a ball with her chest, before yelling out to Marissa "Ouch I don't know how you do it" - we've since let her know what part of the chest yields the best results for minimal pain! The Breakers never stopped fighting and were eventually rewarded with a goal from Shannon, who, in a late reshuffle, was promoted from sweeper to midfield. The score now sitting at 4 - 1 with the final whistle only minutes away, Mapua went on to securely seal the win with a 5th goal for the day.

Match MVP awarded to Marama for her drive forward, energiser bunny-style running, and always being an option.

This week's "tit of the day" award went to Monique, for skillfully chasing down a ball right to the line, only halting the chase once it was safely out. If only it was the sideline, and not the penalty box line...

Despite the score and multiple injuries, we saw many of the team's skills improve and fitness levels begin to return post-covid. Coach Court even declared us the superior football players, and said they just got lucky with their goals (but don't worry she's not biased at all!). The Breakers are probably also one of the only teams that can rock up to the opposition's pub with such big smiles on our faces after a pretty decent defeat!


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