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23 April 2022

Photos by Ab's Snaps. For more match-day pics join the Facebook Group. To purchase photos or request your own photos at the next game contact Abbi Robinson.


1st XI 0-3 Kareni

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Match MVP: Will Matthews

After a boost in numbers and the return of the much loved Joe Robertson to the Tahuna ranks this year, hopes were high heading into the first game of the season. Unfortunately, it was Tahuna’s turn to be hit with a covid wave this week with three goalkeepers across the club taken out of action at late notice. With a few other lads out as well, it felt like an achievement to get a strong team onto the pitch but unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be our day. We held possession well for periods of the game but failed to mount a decent goal threat and suffered a couple of effective counterattacks from a quick Kareni side.

It was a frustrating outing for the lads, as we know we can play much better than we did. Even though there was an improvement in the second half, the damage done in the first half was too much to come back from on this occasion and the 3-0 scoreline remained despite a few of our efforts coming close.

Match MVP goes to Will Mathews for his tireless work in defence and continuous efforts getting forward in attack. Well fought out there mate. The blue army is eager to regroup, put that false start behind us and come back stronger and hungrier next week. Up up Tahuna!


2nd XI 3-3 Seals Reserves

Location: Saxton Field Goals: Jack Keogan, Dan Smith (pen), OG

Match MVP: Joe Walton

The first game of the season was going to be a tough one for us missing 6 or 7 of our usual team but in typical Tahuna fashion, we got a team together, sort of. Suburbs took the lead early on in the game but it didn’t take us long to get back into it with a great team goal finished off by Jack.

Unfortunately, Kevin went down with a knee injury after about 15 mins so are already dilapidated team took another hit with still no Paddy to be seen. On came Jacob for his first run out for Tahuna. We probably had our best period of the game in the last ten of the first and first ten of the second, culminating in an own goal after some quick work from Dan and pressure from Gus and the finally turned up Paddy.

Unfortunately, we let our concentration slip and conceded two average goals. Leaving us trailing until about 5 minutes from time when Duane slotted home a cooly taken pen. Points shared and looking forward to the home fixture and yes, for anyone wondering eric did get away with another two-footed challenge.


3rd XI 5-4 Bogans

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Sayha Men (3), Isaac Wiffin (2)

Match MVP: Sayha Men

We started well and scored after about 5 mins. A cheeky free kick routine we worked out 5 mins before the game. First time in ages we've scored from a free kick. But then we kind of got exposed out wide with their guys in acres of space and they got one back. We changed from a back 3 to a back 4 and that more or less sorted it. Then put another 2 past them to finish the half 3-1 up and in the driver's seat.

We started the second half well and put another past them to make it 4-1. Woohooo game over... unless we have a sustained WTF period, but that's never gonna happen. Then it did, started rushing everything and totally lost our Squach (see Rick n Morty). They put 3 past us to level it. It only took about 15 mins, we gotta be a bit more resilient than that. But lucky for us, we're awesome and wanted all 3 points and after a few good breaks, Sayha got put through and stuck the winner away. Yay... that was intense.

So on the whole great, but a short lapse of concentration can hurt us. Good points: We scored 5 goals. We played a lot of good link-up football. We scored from a free kick without shooting (first goal from a free kick in ages). We didn't bottle it when they scored their 4th goal... and that was the difference.

Bad points: We brain farted and let them back in. Passes, moving in space to receive, taking on too many players, not looking at the easy pass, not much talking, and just rushing everything when we didn't need to. But who got the 3 points... we did bwouy.

Match MVP: Sayha. Goals: Sayha 3, Izzack 2, Pedro 0. Assists: Izzack 2, Matt 1, Sobi 1, Sayha 1, Pedro 0. Job done, great game. See you all at training!


4th XI 0-9(ish) Suburbs

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Match MVPs: Jamie Russ & Daniel Hall

The first game of the season and despite having a number of players away for various reasons, we still managed to put a team together. It was a beautiful day to kick the season off and that was probably as good as it got for the day.

If we're honest we were always going to struggle against a very good Suburbs side, who have added strength to last year's squad and will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.

So we need to concentrate on the positives that came out of this game and there were a few. For periods of the first half, we played some really good football and created a number of scoring opportunities. After a serious discussion at halftime about the need for us to front up, not roll over, and have pride in our performance and effort, we came out for the second half and gave as good as we got for 20/25 minutes. Unfortunately for us, Suburbs had a raft of subs they could call on and ultimately this took its toll. However, no denying the effort the team put in that second half.

So let's put that game behind us and concentrate on the next game, Richmond Stags at home. Let's see a big turnout at practice so that we can work on what needs to improve and give the coaching team a chance to put in place the ideas they have.

Match MVP: Jamie for a sterling performance between the post, made a number of outstanding saves, and Daniel for stepping into the Centre Back role; when needed and was outstanding in the second half. Up Up Tahuna!


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