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21 May 2022

Photos (as noted) by Ab's Snaps. For more match-day pics join the Facebook Group. To purchase photos or request your own photos at the next game contact Abbi Robinson.


1st XI 0-2 Richmond

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Match MVP: Joe Robertson

Saturday saw TFC firsts return to their glorious home pitch to face the formidable Richmond 1st XI. Tears of joy were shed as the boys took their first steps onto the hallowed grounds of the Tahuna home pitch. The wind was howling from the coastal sea breeze of the Tahuna waves and the constant waft of the local KFC brought an atmosphere only fitting for the occasion. Supporters from near and far came in support of the event, hands full of the beautiful brews from our sponsors at the local Sprig and Fern.

The boys were nothing short of optimistic from their past two performances during the week. The chemistry was growing and the belief was rising as they went into this game.

As usual, the mighty captain, Josh Johnston, took the boys for their warmup. Legs were strapped and stretched as they prepared for the whistle blow that would send them into the moment they had been preparing for since the midweek league game against Suburbs Seals.

It was clear from the kickoff that the momentum that had been building would come to a halt on this day, but only temporarily. The first five minutes of the game saw Richmond dominate possession as Tahuna fought to keep their composure.

An early goal from Richmond cemented their intention to do business, however Tahunas' heads did not drop as they have a history of conceding goals early and it not stopping their belief in their ability. The boys battled on and began to linkup finding connecting passes.

A few moments of brilliance saw an opening for the young Jack Keogan, however he was denied by an epic piece of defending from Richmond. Many other opportunities were created through the midfield, however the boys struggled to find that magic ball in the final third of the pitch. They took to the change rooms at halftime down 1-0.

A motivational halftime speech from coach Uiki saw hope rise as they were fired up to make a comeback that they knew in their hearts they could do.

A change of half saw them running into the headwind. Some believe the wind was travelling at an excess of 80 km an hour but this did not stop Tahuna fighting for the victory.

A few moments of brilliance from keeper Joe Robertson saw the boys stay in the game as Richmond fired shots from all over the pitch. Many of the supporters call him the great Wall and today he showed why.

Substitutes were made towards the 70th minute in an attempt to put fresh legs on the pitch. The substitutes fought with passion, however a second goal from Richmond striker cemented their win.

In one final attempt to stay in the game, Tahuna pushed forward the tallest man on the pitch, Will, for a corner and sure enough, it dropped delicately at his feet following a scramble in the box. He striked the ball with finesse, however a red leg from nowhere kept the ball out of the back of the net.

A disappointing day for Tahuna FC but this is believed to have been attributed to the 3 games played in the course of six days. The boys made many comments about the battle this played on the body. Thankfully, the loss did not defeat their minds and they remain hopeful for the league and for next Saturday‘s game. Keep it up boys, we believe in you!

As always a massive thank you to the supporters and the sponsors.


2nd XI 0-0 Loco

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Match MVP: Joe Walton

Football vs Wind 0-0

Everyone was fired up for the top of the table clash against the Loco Steamers and for the first 45 minutes we produced a thoroughly dominant performance into the strong wind, building play nicely from the back through midfield with everyone contributing well. For all the good Tahuna play, the experienced Loco side got numbers behind the ball well and defended strongly with the only real chance of the half arising when Isaac dribbled past the defensive line and, bearing down on goal, shot too early from 25 yards.

In the second 45, Loco came out with more intensity and initiative and with, perhaps, a touch of complacency from Tahuna, resulted in a more even contest. Saying that Loco never registered a shot and we had good efforts from the likes of Dan, Matt, Dave, and Duane.

We may have taken a chance or two to take a deserved win as the better side but ultimately we didn't test the keeper enough which left us with a disappointing point and Loco happy with theirs.


4th XI 0-7 Nayland

Location: Ngawhatu Recreation

Match MVP: Jamie Russ

A Covid hit 4th team turned up on a windy day at the Ngawhatu sports field, struggling to field a team and having some players fail to turn up. Fortunately, we had enough to get on with the game with a couple of subs on hand.

First half saw us struggle against the young Suburbs side, who were all over us.

Second half saw an improved effort from the team but frustration was never far away from the surface and it bubbled over when one of the young Suburbs lads took offence to a vigorous tackle, which they got a free-kick for and retaliated putting Jacob out of the game. This resulted in a bit of a melee involving both teams, which was quickly resolved.

So a game to forget and we move on to our next game against Golden Bay over the hill. Once again we have a number of players not available for that game, so hopefully we will manage to put a team together for that trip.

We farewell Jamie again as Covid put a halt to his last departure date and we wish him all the best on his travels.


Breakers 2-1 Motueka Angels

Location: Memorial Park

Goals: Meagan Hayes, Sophie Mathews

Match MVP: Shannon Smith

After a very memorable club party (cheers Covid!), and a much needed two week hiatus, the Breakers were back! Fully charged and ready to go: 110% spirit, 80% lung and leg capacity.

Like the well oiled, good looking machine we are, Breakers charged headfirst into the game and took control from the beginning. Changing up our formation after our Swiss cheese mishaps in Golden Bay, we held the play firmly in the Angel's half. With several new recruits slotting into the midfield, Shan was pulled back from her usual spot, handed a broom, and told to get to work. And work she did - shutting down player after player across the entire width of the pitch, she was a weapon on a Nimbus 2000. Having a sweeper meant it was deckchair weather between the sticks, with Bob only managing 4 touches on the ball for the first 40 - most of which were on the edge or outside of the box!

A whole team effort - with everyone holding strong and playing their part to create multiple opportunities for a goal, it was no surprise when Meagan skillfully tucked a sneaky one behind their keeper. Eyes on the prize, a surge in energy and we netted a 2nd not too long after, a beautifully executed shot up and over the keeper by Sophie. Heading to halftime 2 up had us feeling higher than Snoop. Coaches advice: keep up the great work, and dig deep.

Like a bunch of 5-year-olds at a birthday party, we charged back onto the pitch full of sugar and enthusiam - with mum on the sideline hoping we wouldn't crash too soon! A cool change in the weather and blustery winds now meant the ball wasn't always doing as it was told. This also signalled it was time to pack up the keeper's deckchair, with things starting to get busy in the box as outfield legs grew weary. The Angels had grown hungry for a goal, and pushed us backwards with a more aggressive attacking formation. Managing to stay composed, the Breakers fought hard to keep the ball under control from a panicked Motueka. We held it together for oh so long, but just 15 minutes before the whistle, a well placed long shot landed in the back of our net.

The last 15 minutes felt dangerous - a couple of scrambles in front of goal, some mud wrestling, and a slide tackle steal/shot from Shan straight at Bob (luckily booted away), the final score was kept at a respectable 2 - 1 to the Breakers. Pulling off a win felt amazing, with a comment that this game had restored a love of football resonating with us all.

Memorable mentions go to Marissa, who calmly executed a million chest balls with great direction. Also to Muzz, who had her ass out (thanks Tim's Gardens for that tip!) holding possession. And to everyone who had just recovered from Covid, for giving it their all and running their legs off.

Player of the day had to go to Shan, an almost flawless performance in the back (we'll let that shot slide) without which the score would certainly have been much different! This girl can ruuuuuun!

Number two entry into "tit of the day" goes to Anita, who did an excellent job in centreback as per usual, until she tried to stop a ball with her hand. A forgivable mistake as she quickly retracted it, but not before keen eyes had spotted the blooper! Enjoy those enhanced assets for the week.

Supporters mention - perhaps our biggest fan club yet: Mabel, Ezra, Houst, Matt and the girls - thank you all for coming to support women's football!


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