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14/15 May 2022

Photos by Ab's Snaps. For more match-day pics join the Facebook Group. To purchase photos or request your own photos at the next game contact Abbi Robinson.


1st XI 2-3 FC Nelson (Chatham Cup, Sun 15 May)

Location: Trafalgar Park

Goals: Pedro Ivo (2)

Match MVP: Jared Kirk

The fabled trophy is to elude TFC for another year, despite a spirited display from the lads.

The game got off to the perfect start when an early corner from Pedro Ivo drew a mistake by the FC goalkeeper putting us one up in the first minute.

The grip on the game began to slip with FC beginning to flow, eventually leading to the pressure breaking halfway through the first. GK Joe Robertson caught out by the roughly drawn lines over top of Rugby's 22-metre line, called for handball with the resulting free-kick drawing the game level.

Robertson resoundingly redeemed himself soon after, saving a penalty and the blushes of one Daniel Ross.

However a second FC goal soon after off a headed cross, then a third really sunk the hearts of the Tahuna faithful in attendance.

Stirring words from coach Uiki Tafia spurred the squad into action after halftime. Plenty of character shown on the field by the lads, with an all-round incredible defensive willingness and work rate shown across the paddock. Holding firm at the back allowed Tahuna to stream forward on the counter and pull one back with about 15 remaining. A through ball put Pedro Ivo in behind 1v1 with the keeper and the TFC goal-scoring phenomenon proved he can do it at every level, coolly slotting a side-foot finish into the bottom corner.

A mirror image play had Ivo in behind minutes later, this time FC wise enough to position their defence. However, they hadn't planned for the king of the Sprig, Neil 'Geeza' Harding who seized on the loose ball inside the area and was cleaned out by the FC goalkeeper. Penalty shouts rung around the hallowed Trafalgar Park but were denied by a mistaken offside call (TFC live stream video evidence confirmed play should have continued).

The game concluded with TFC bombarding FC Nelson's defence but were unable to find a final crack in the armour. Thus we were denied glory, final score Tahuna 2 - FC 3.

Man of the match - Jared Kirk, mountain in the middle of the park displaying a control and work rate that kept us in the game. Huge thanks to the entire club for chipping in to put a solid squad together and make the day happen, despite heavy Covid casualties. As always cheers to our amazing sponsors, including a big shout to Flightcell for bringing the occasion to Trafalgar Park. Back again next week in the league UP UP!


2nd XI 1-1 FC Nelson

Location: Victory Square Goals: Daniel Smith

Match MVP: Eric Louis

It was a perfect day for football when the blue army marched onto Victory Park, confident to secure their third win of the season.

The game started off well for the boys in lighter blue until Geeza conceded a penalty that they coolly slotted. 1 Nil up for FC Nelson.

Heading into the second half, we were 1 nil down with plenty of work yet to be done. As Geeza expertly explained - we were going to need to use our heads if we wanted to get this one in the bag. Dan made a beautiful run on the right-wing and scored a beautiful goal past the keeper.

It was a tough game with lots of players injured. Big thanks to the guys from the 4th who stepped up and helped us out. They did a great job on the field.

We battled out to the end of the game but couldn’t find a winning goal, with the final score 1-1.


3rd XI 3-1 Mapua

Location: Tahuna Reserve

Goals: Sayha Men, Pedro Ivo, Colin Chapman

Match MVP: Oliver Tissington

Lowest scoring game of the season but we got 3 points. So great 1st half for the fans but not so flash second half.

Same as ever we started well and kind of owned it. They weren't up for man to man marking so we got a lot of ball in space and passed it around them pretty well. It wasn't long before Sobi put Sayha in to go 1 up. Then Pedro came on (shame Pedro, you missed the kick-off) and scored after a couple of minutes when Matt put him through... 2-0. We kept on attacking and Pedro got it wide and curved one across the six-yard box for me to stick away 3-0. They came back at us a bit at the end of the half but we soaked up the pressure and finished the half 3-0 up.

We decided at halftime to keep the formation as it was but switch to a very defensive back 5 with 3 in front of them and a 1-1. We got a few good attacks going in the first part of the half with some very near misses, but they started getting back at us and late in the half they scored. 3-1. So we changed formation and, although ugly, we shut them down. We swarmed most of their attacks and played the ball out, but kept most of our guys behind the ball. Oh, and Ollie had a good game and pulled off some saves... so I said to him in the pub after 'we expect you to do that Ollie', but yeah welcome back Ollie great job... nearly a clean sheet.

But massive improvement on the previous 3 games. We shut them down: let's remember this and take it into every game, because that's the difference between winning and losing.

Great effort from everyone and a well earned 3 points, which puts us 1st by 1 point but Mapua and Wakey have another game this round.

It's all on, it's a crazy league, we got beat by the bottom team last week then beat the top team this week. We've got a weekend off next week, then it's the Bogans. We know we can score against any team in this division, so if we can switch to a defensive formation when we feel games slipping, we can do this league. Most satisfying win of the season.

Assists Sobi 1, Pedro 1, Matt 1.

See you at training.


4th XI - Bye


Breakers - Rescheduled


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