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13 May 2023


1st XI 3-5 Nelson Suburbs FC Seals

Location: Ngawhatu


Match MVP:

Match report to follow.


2nd XI 2-4 FC Nelson 2nd XI

Location: Neale Park

Goals: Gus Cruz (1), Darryn Fitzgerald (1)

Match MVP: James Munday

Tahuna 2nd XI faced off against FC Nelson 2nd XI at Neale Park in what promised to be another tense affair, considering their previous encounters from last season. Tahuna was eager to secure a result after a series of disappointing performances so far.

The first half was fairly even, with both teams creating chances, although Tahuna started off on the front foot. It was Gus who broke the deadlock in spectacular fashion, bursting through on goal and unleashing a powerful shot that proved too hot for the FC keeper to handle. The ball bobbled across the line before keeper or defender could react, giving Tahuna the lead. This marked the third time in four games that Tahuna had taken an early lead, leaving fans wondering if they could maintain it this time.

However, FC Nelson responded emphatically, taking advantage of Tahuna's sluggishness in closing down players and failing to track runs. They played a neat through ball to their winger, who found an unmarked teammate in the box to tap in the equalizer. Tahuna came close to regaining the lead when Duane had an effort cleared off the line but suffered a knee injury in a tackle soon after, forcing him to be substituted. FC Nelson wasted no time capitalising on Tahuna's reshuffling, as they played another precise through ball to their winger, who coolly finished in the top corner. Despite Tahuna's continued pressure, they couldn't find an equalizer before halftime, with the score standing at 2-1 in favour of FC Nelson.

Tahuna knew that the scoreline didn't reflect the game, and they came out firing on all cylinders in the second half. They dominated possession and territory, creating numerous chances but failing to truly test the opposition keeper. Against the run of play, a poor clearance from Tahuna's defence allowed FC Nelson to break through on goal. The striker took a shot just as two defenders slid in to block, resulting in a deflection that sent the ball looping over the goalkeeper and dropping just under the crossbar.

The last 15 minutes saw Tahuna launch wave after wave of attacks, desperately seeking a breakthrough. Finally, a long free kick was lofted into the box, and Daz seized the opportunity to poke it home, reducing the deficit to 3-2. The final moments saw Tahuna pushing for another, but their chances came to nothing. In a cruel twist of fate, FC Nelson, who remained dangerous on the counter and had forced a couple of decent saves already, found space to hit an optimistic long-range shot. Will couldn't hold onto the ball, and the FC striker was there to pounce on the loose ball, extending their lead to 4-2, minutes before the referee blew his whistle for full time.

Overall, Tahuna delivered a vastly improved performance. The team was bitterly disappointed to come away with a loss when they deserved at least a point. A couple of injuries, lapses in concentration and a failure to capitalise on scoring opportunities once again proved costly. Next week, Tahuna will return to Neale Park for an exciting match against Loco, hoping to get some points on the board.

Match Report by Will.


3rd XI 4-0 Tahuna 4th XI

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Sayha (1), Pedro (3)

Match MVP: Sobi

Good game, we were under it a bit in the first 20 and still went 1-0 up. Was that Sayha, can't remember. Then we scored again, that might have been Sayha too....but it got disallowed for looked fine from where I was. So I thought we were 2-0 up at half time and looking good. We'd soaked up a pretty intense 15 min period of their attacks. If it wasn't for a tackle by Bernie and my face they would have scored.

But after that we settled down, played to the plan and got on top of things. As I said I thought we were 2-0 up at half time and from where I was standing we looked good so I wasn't worried. The thing that wasn't there was helping your team mates out with being their radar and letting players know what's going on around them. We need to up our game on this, we're all pretty cool on the ball, if we talk more it's going to up our possession stats.

So then I found out we were only 1-0 up. Everything seemed to be working fine, we were rolling subs well, everyone knew their roles. So the main task was to get a quick goal and own the ball or don't let them get anything going. We owned the ball a bit but definitely didn't let them get anything going. We forced a penalty in the first 10 mins of the second which Pedro put away despite the keeper getting a hand on it. We kept the pressure up and we crumbled them a bit through hard work and good shape and put another 2 past them. Pedro got them both, one was a penalty. So that's 3 hattricks in three games...… shame you weren't at the Suburbs game. Nah seriously great job Pedro.

Josh and Josh (one of you needs a nickname......I've got a few ideas) and Sam, welcome home, great performances all round. You all took to the system/formation well and were as into it as the

There were some good battles out there, Ralph and their best forward, Josh n Luke on corners, Sayha looking like a mini me taking on 6 foot something defenders. You were all battling and that's great to see.

Big ups all round, clean sheet and 3 points in the bag.

Match Report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI 0-4 Tahuna 3rd XI

Location: Tahuna

Goals: 0

Match MVP: Tomas

I am not a betting man. But you would have been silly to not have put money on Tahuna for this game.

The lads were eager to bounce back from their first defeat of the season and that showed in the first half. The Pink Knights dominated possession early and were well and truly controlling the pace of the game. Tomas led the charge early, dribbling past players with ease and always finding the open man. However, a growing trend for the lads now, the Pink Knights were not able to turn this pressure and possession into goals.

After the first twenty minutes the possession began to even out. Both teams began to settle, slowing the game down and playing to their strengths. The boys at the back did a fantastic job controlling the oppositions long through ball and the back four locked as solid as always.

However, there is times where football is like heating up leftovers; you get the leftovers out of the fridge. You chuck them in the microwave and soon enough it starts smelling good. You have done everything right and as you take a bite it is stone cold in the middle. And that is exactly what happened to the boys. Just before half time a cross found its way into the Pink Knights box that should have been covered but unfortunately Banic slipped at the back post. And even though the lads had been the better team for a half their striker was in front of an open goal and slotted it away. 1-0 Tahuna.

The second half was much more balanced. The opposition began to really put pressure on the Knights. They began to control possession more and Pedro was continuing to cause trouble on all parts of the field. And sure enough, Pedro was weaving his way through the Knights box before he was taken out from behind. Penalty given. And even though the Daniel got a hand to it the ball still founds its way to the back of the net. 2-0 Tahuna.

Ironically, Frustration and tempers flaring from the leading side meant that the referee had to on two occasions pause play to have a chat with the offending players to bring the game back into order

Not long after another penalty was awarded to Tahuna. Banic, not wanting anyone to get ahead of him on the penalties given table, “accidentally” hand balled a ball that was about to cross the goal line. I still don’t know how he didn’t see red. A beautiful shot into the bottom corner and the lads were 3-0 down.

Although the knights turned up the pressure again With Jonny, Luke and Brad all creating chances the ball never quite founds its way into the opposition net. And before the full-time whistle blew the opposition scored one more (with Pedro completing his hat trick.) 4-0 Tahuna and Full Time

A bittersweet game for the lads. Going against the top of the table team was always going to be a tough ask. However, we know we are more than capable of challenging the top teams this season and the first half showed that. Plenty of positives to take away, but huge credit to Tahuna for the win it was well deserved. Let’s bounce back next week lads with a big win over suburbs.

MOTM went to Tomas for a superb game on the wing.

Up! Up! Tahuna!

Match report by Daniel & Zach.


TFC Breakers (BYE)



Match MVP:

No game.


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