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11 June 2022


Club Social Games

Location: NMIT Sports Court

Goals: Joseph Walton (we lost count)

Shots over the fence: Sobi Han + others

Match MVP: Justin Smith

After a weekend off for Queen's birthday (I’m sure like many) Tahuna was keen to get back on the pitch. Alas, the recent dreary weather and rain left football cancelled in the Nelson and Tasman district. Tahuna didn’t let this prevent them from getting outside and kicking some balls though. With help from Taylah Tohill, the small NMIT turf pitch was booked for a couple of hours and a good variety of different TFC members came together to get some fancy footwork/wild moves and unnecessary clearances in.

A bit of a jumbled start with many voices wanting to get things underway soon resulted in some relatively even sides kicking off. Teams switching over once the dominant side scored and some rules in place to try and keep the ball in the caged zone started things off nicely. Late arrivals and rule disputes were soon to break out though. Teams were chopped and changed, rules were laxed, balls were flying, ninja moves were brought out and Will Murphy went for a bonus 3-pointer just as it was time for him to leave. Zach are you ok?

It was a fun-filled afternoon with many laughs and good comradery. Club spirit was the clear winner of the day. To finish it off some delish food was provided back at the Sprig and Fern where a couple of lost Tahuna souls were caught up with. Squash what is that? Some sort of drink? Cheers to all who attended and special mention to Geeza for bringing gear along, Eric who took the bibs home to wash and Taylah for booking the Turf. MVP of the day goes to Juston for shutting down everyone on defence - even players that are several divisions above his team!

Up up Tahuna - let’s hope to be back on the grass again soon!


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