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17 June 2023


1st XI 3-3 Nelson Suburbs SPL Reserves

Location: Saxton Fields


Match MVP:

Match report to follow.


2nd XI - Golden Bay Mountain Goats



Match MVP:

Match postponed until later in the season.


3rd XI 2-1 Nelson Suburbs Athletico Suburbia

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Sayha (1), Pedro (1)

Match MVP: Tom

Hard work, we made lots of chances, but hard work. Some of the folks on the side line said we played better in the second half, I dunno I thought our team vibe was consistant throughout the game. They were a good team, so it took us a while to get ahead and more importantly grind out and seeing home the win, we did it last week too. So I'm stoked with that, I think we are begining to realy flow as a team. Everyone is playing their roll well and that has created a trust and familiarity throughout the squad, you're all up for it and that's magic.

I don't remember much about the game. They scored big deal, no one was phased (trust and familiarity vibe). It was a gritty game, some games you just have to stick to the plan and nut it out. I thought the diamond was a lot tighter this week. This helped us be more consistent and create a lot of chances. Did we go in 1-0 down or was Sayha's goal in the first half? Sorry Sayha

Can't remember but Pedro wasn't having that and put us 2-1 up....can't remember the goal but I remember his chip early in the game that got cleared off the line and his shot off the crossbar that bounced over my goal. I remember Lukes genius move when he just sat on the ball to get rid of a sticky attacker, Diego hit the bar from a free kick, you know....we did a lot of good stuff. Actually I'm not even sure if Sayha got the first and Pedro got the second, could be the other way around. What I am sure of is we created lots of chances....that's why I remember them.

Did I mention hard work?

Great job from our new boy Tom, welcome to the team. Big thanks to James for fronting up for us from the 2nds, he was also a bit injured so big ups James great job. Also return debut for Kyle, great to have you back mate (next time just post 'in') but yeah good to see you out there.

All in all great job, good shift, 3 points boooooyah.

Man of the match Tom, great first shift.

Match Report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI 1-1 Richmond Bogans

Location: Tahuna


Match MVP:

Match report to follow.


TFC Breakers 1-3 Golden Bay Shield Maidens

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Shannon (1)

Match MVP: Ruth Hrynkiw

This is it. The game of the season we look forward to most. A weekend in the bay of football, fun and letting loose. Golden Bay always gives us a good competition and today was no exception. The first half was intense right from the start as the Breakers held off attack after attack - while still managing an occasional run down to the opposition's goalmouth. Golden Bay were getting frazzled at their lack of success, while the Breakers proudly applauded their keeper Arin for her diving saves. Though there were certainly times of frantic scrambling, our defence continued to hold, going into half time nil-all.

Though the scoreline does not show it, the second half was actually more settled and cohesive, with much more time on the ball. We strung together passes, working up the field and put the pressure on. Their defence proved impenetrable, despite our best attempts. With our energy flagging, GB fought back and eventually got through - twice. But the Breakers are always ones to fight to the very end. With Shannon dropping back, she now had some space and answered back with her signature long shot, sailing in over the goalies head. Spirits buoyed, the Breakers tried their best to hold out a renewed attack frenzy from GB, but with less than 10 minutes to go, a scramble in our goal box added to the scoreline with an unfortunate (for us) rebound lining up nicely for GB.

Player of the day went to Ruth, for her tireless contribution to both the defence and attack force on the wing. Running the full length of the field up and down - over and over. At GB’s request, we reinstated the Tit of the Team award. Kylie got the honours today, for her ‘potty mouth’ commented on by the sideline. Well done Breakers for a well fought game. Hope all your bodies are recovering from the weekend away.

Match report by Michelle (Mish) Ballinger.


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