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10 June 2023


1st XI 1-1 Motueka AFC 1st XI

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Josh Johnston (1)

Match MVP: Isaac Taylor

Saturday the 10th was a lovely day for a bit of footy with the lads!

The Sun was Shining on KFC Park and was being enjoyed by all who stood beneath its warm rays. Huge crowds gathered to watch the start of the second round as Tahuna 1sts looked to get one back on Mot after their first-round punishment.

With Tahunas two top teams struggling to field a starting 11, A few of the 1st div boys decided a 70-minute warmup for the 2nds was the best way to kick off the arvo. This pre game warm up strategy didn’t pay off too well as Mot opened the scoring early. A fast break up the guts, men in yellow everywhere passing the ball quickly to each other netting the opener. Fortunately for us 90% of the 400 spectators were facing the wrong way and missed the whole thing.

The game continued in end to end combat as we would serge down towards their goal and miss chances and they would serge back only to be defused by the Tahuna defence. We headed to the sheds at half time down 1-0 but we could feel a goal coming.

Shortly into the half Jake found himself in the opposition goal box with the ball at his feet, fighting off attacks from the mot defenders he stood strong until a heavy tackle brought the big man down and the whistle pointed to spot. Up steps Old faithful, Captain Josh who calming side footed the ball passed the keeper.

Locked at 1-1 for the next half an hour, Our Tahuna Layal’s attacked multiple times falling just short as the keeper became a ball magnet for everything kicked at him.

We played some bloody nice footy and deserved the 3 points but unfortunately had to settle for the 1. A huge thanks to Justin who ran the flag for us the whole game after playing a full 90. ❤

Quote of the game “You’re playing so well its embarrassing”.

Thanks for all the support on the side-line we play for the club we love. UPUP!


2nd XI 0-11 FC Nelson Karenni

Location: Tahuna

Goals: 0

Match MVP: Garry Clarke & Ed Johnson

We came second.

Match Report by Will.


3rd XI 1-0 Richmond Stags

Location: Wakefield Domain

Goals: Sayha (1)

Match MVP: Ralph

First half. We were a bit lucky staying 0-0. we had chances too me n Sayha both got one on one with the keeper but put it wide.

We didn't play the diamond well and that left us open in the middle of the park. So we brought on more pressure than usual which is always uncomfortable. We got away with that today but the Suburbs teams could take advantage of that so lets learn from that and not let it happen again.

We came out and played our game in the second. Hard work ground it out. We were more agressive and created a lot of chances and pressure on their backline. Then Sayha got through one on one and stuck it home (beautiful 30 yard ball from our CB Luke to find him)...magic, great result from a great team effort. But we still had to see the game out and we did that well too so Big ups guys.

Special mention for all of you that showed with injuries, you brought the 3 points home guys. As for you Drax.....get your eyes off my golden glove. Seriously guys you've got heart and grande kahoonas and it made the difference.

Now stop getting injured everyone, those who are get well soon, let's keep taking it 1 game at a time and who knows by the end of the season we'll have something to celebrate.

Hard work, great job, thanks guys.

Match Report by Colin.


Tahuna 4th XI 3-2 FC Nelson Suburbs Sky Blues

Location: Avery Field

Goals: Keris (2), Johnny (1)

Match MVP: Keris

An injury depleted 4th XI limped their way over to Avery for a rematch of the opening game of the season. The Pink Knights were wanting to make it two from two against the new suburbs team and get those much needed 3 points on the table. The three subs we had lined up quickly dropped to 1 as one was looking after a sick child and the other left to go help the 2nds.

A very ugly start to the game with suburbs holding most of the possession and our defense didn’t live up to its usual excellent standard with some very desperate moments that after 15 minutes led to Suburbs opening the scoring with a well-placed shot. This goalkeeper was very unimpressed by this and gave the team an earful to ensure they knew exactly how I felt about it.

Encouraged (or frightened) by my outburst the team started putting some good passing together, our midfield of Macca, Justin & Adam keeping the ball moving around which before long resulted in Keris slotting a shot into the back the net. 1-1. Not discouraged Suburbs came back fighting and after a period of tidy passing put themselves back into the lead. Both sides continued to have good periods of possession until just before half time Jonny broke through and with a clinical finish brought the game equal just before the break.

A rousing half time talk from Glenn & Luke send us into the second half with renewed confidence. Our recruit Stuart making himself heard (and felt) at left back and linking up well with Keris on the wing. The team structure seemed surer of themselves this half and although we didn’t have many chances on goal there was also less errors.

Then with 15 minutes to go Keris had another breakthrough on goal and did not disappoint, curling the ball around their keeper, into the goal and putting us into the lead. A period of desperate defense followed with Tahuna mostly restricted to their own half. Brad, Dan & Banic all made goal saving tackles in this time & Zach snuffed out a few 1 on 1’s with their striker and managed a goal line save off a deflected shot. Some blatant time wasting later the full-time whistle went with us securing all 3 points!!

A messy game that is better left forgotten. The whole team put in an outstanding effort, but it was Keris who took the MOTM honors for his continuous running up and down the pitch and a well-earned brace.

Big outshout to the pitch side crew for the support & for looking after Stuart’s boy.

Thanks to Ben Tohill for once again refereeing for us

Match Report by Zach.


TFC Breakers 7-1 Motueka AFC Angels

Location: Tahuna

Goals: Shannon (2), Ruby (2), Jenna (1), Michelle H (1), EJ (1).

Match MVP: Ruby Cunningham

Tensions were high before game day arrived with both teams gunning for their first win of the season. A full team with 5 subs had been expected, but with illness and injuries, we were down to 12 to start. The proposal of playing 3 in the back, rather than our usual 4,4,2 lineup, added to the initial pressure, but determination to put our best foot forward paid off.

An early attack from Mot was held off and some good teamwork from the Breaker’s saw the ball into the opposition's net - twice in quick succession. The week's training session was put to good use, working the ball up the field in combination of 1-2s. Motueka managed to get one back with a well placed shot between our nimble keeper and the top bar and tension rose again. With energy levels now flagging, relief came with the arrival of Sophie and Marama S and some fresh legs gave the team a new burst and an additional 2 goals before half time.

Mot was expected to return in force after half time, but the Breaker’s concentrated efforts on attack, ran them ragged. Oddly enough, the defence had relatively little to do, aside from the occasional chase after some through balls. The second half saw us put another 3 goals into Mots net, bringing the tally to 7. One of which was a beautifully placed shot by Shannon, who, despite the word at half time to “only shoot from within the box”, couldn't turn down the opportunity - and placed one just under the top bar from 20+ yards out.

Great effort to Michelle H, her first time as striker, who followed advice and gave the opposition hell. Persistence paid off as seagull, with a goal tapped in at the corner from a beautiful cross by Ruby. Ruby herself won the much deserved player of the day, scoring 2 goals of her own and several assists, weaving around the opposition and almost flying up and down the wing. Great to see all the passing and teamwork out there. Way to go Breakers!

Match report by Michelle Ballinger.


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